Let Your Inner Child Enjoy The Museum of the Little Prince in Hakone

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  • Hakone’s natural beauty and cultural attractions make it an ideal destination for many travellers in Japan. One place that attracts many people is ‘The Museum of the Little Prince’ which is a tribute to the late Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French writer, aristocrat, poet, journalist, and pioneering aviator. It is situated in a small French inspired village surrounded by Parisian bakeries and lush gardens which are loved by children.


    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a humble man known for his reserved personality. His works and ideas have spread across the globe without boundaries. He was particularly known for his storybook called ‘The Little Prince’ which was first published in 1943. The story portrays idealistic observations regarding life and human beings. It was received well by many people who ultimately became his fans and followers. Some of them are from Japan, and they gave him the splendid gift of a museum dedicated to his work. The place lets its visitors make a connection with the author’s literary works.

    Inside the Museum

    Entering the museum is like entering the storybook where illustrations have been created to capture minute details of Saint-Exupéry’s time. Rooms were recreated from the book and decorated in a French atmosphere with a Japanese touch. There are also illustrations and pictures on the wall which show the life of the saint leading to the little prince. It doesn’t look like a conventional museum, and every setting is different from the other. There is also a small cinema where you can watch an animated film based on the book.

    The museum has a cafe at its terrace which is called ‘Café Le Saint Germain des Pres’, which resembles a cafe frequented by the saint in France. It has a laid-back atmosphere that is very suitable for relaxing after you tour the museum. You can also head to the restaurant if you’re a fan of French food. Each meal has been perfected to harness its natural flavours.

    Whether you are already with the book or not, when you are in Hakone you should not forget to visit this quaint museum for a special experience!

    Click here for the museum’s homepage.

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