Bathing In Sand?! This Beach Sand Bath in Beppu Has All the Benefits of an Onsen!

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  • Japan is well-known for its onsen (hot springs), but did you know that you could experience the same benefits without getting yourself wet? Japan offers you another outdoor spa experience that will keep you coming back for more! Imagine lying comfortably on your back while being slow-baked as a man with a shovel covers you with warm sand. The Beppu Beach Sand Bath in Japan is a must for those who are on a quest for wellness and beauty.

    Beppu Beach Sand Bath Health Benefits

    Located in Shoningahama, Beppu, Oita Prefecture, the Beppu Beach Sand Bath provides a unique way to enjoy the benefits of warm sand. Bathing in the warm sand is helpful for neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, stiff joints, motor paralysis, sprains, bruises, adhesive capsulitis, physically weak children, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, while offering soothing effects and health enhancement.

    The Sand Bathing Experience

    Admission fee is ¥1,030 per head. Amenities include a wash bowl, body soap, hair dryer, shampoo and conditioner. You could also get a towel, shower hair cap and coin-operated lockers for ¥320, ¥110 and ¥100 respectively. The sand bath provides a yukata for you to wear. A group of 10 people can enjoy the sand bath together and men and women can bathe together as well. There is a movable roof that protects you from the rain and the sun’s UV rays.

    As a new customer, you will be given a queue number while waiting for your turn. As you wait, you can enjoy a cup of tea while soaking your feet in the free foot hot spring.
    There is also English-speaking staff to help foreign tourists.

    Once you are called, give your queue number to the staff at the ticket box and they will give you a robe to change into. Then walk out into the sand bath where your space has been nicely prepared by the staff. Simply lie down on the black sand where a block is placed to support the back of your neck. The staff will ensure you’re comfortable enough before burying your body in the sand.

    You can then relax your strained muscles while covered in warm sand as you enjoy a refreshing view of the vast blue ocean. This is only for 15 minutes, though, so don’t forget to ask the staff to take a picture of your sand bathing experience!

    Sand bathing can be compared to a sauna where you are expected to sweat a lot so that you can remove the impurities out of your body. Fret not! You can take a shower right after getting out of the sand bath. If you desire, you could also use enjoy onsen as there is a regular hot spring bath inside the shower room. This provides the ultimate relaxing experience with warm sand and hot water!

    How to get there

    You can get there by riding a private car, Kamenoi bus or Oita Kotsu bus.

    Traveling by Car:
    From Oita Expressway Beppu IC: Approximately 15 minutes by car toward Kamegawa
    From JR Beppu station: Approximately 10 minutes by car toward Kamegawa
    From Beppu Kokusai Kankoukou(International Port): Approximately 5 minutes by car toward Kamegawa

    Traveling by Kamenoi Bus:
    From JR Beppu Station East Exit, get off at “Rokushoen Beppu Kaihin Sunayu Mae”: Approximately a 15-minute bus ride.
    Adults: ¥ 230/One way
    Outer loop of Beppu city

    From JR Beppu Station East Exit, get off at “Betsudai ekimae”: Approximately a 15-minute bus ride.
    Adults: ¥ 230/One way
    Kankaiji Line via Kaigansen

    Traveling by Oita Kotsu Bus
    From JR Beppu Station East Exit, get off at “Rokushouen”: Approximately a 14-minute bus-ride and 2-minute walk.
    APU Line

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