Feeling Bold and Daring? Watch Out for the Naked Restaurant to be Opened Soon in Tokyo!

  • Japan will be opening its very first naked restaurant in Tokyo soon. The restaurant will be called “The Amrita” which is a Sanskrit word that means “immortality.” The concept of naked restaurants is not new as it has been already done elsewhere such as in London and Melbourne.

    Even though it is called a naked restaurant, customers would need to cover their modesty with paper underwears that would be provided at the restaurant. There is also an age requirement of 18 to 60 years old. The most startling is that there is also a weight requirement by the restaurant. Customers who weigh 15 kg more than the average weights for their heights would not be allowed to dine in the restaurant! Such requirement is likely to be scorned upon if imposed in Western countries.

    The restaurant is set to be opened on the 29th of July, 2016. Customers can make their bookings online, but they would have to make sure that they are not overweight, or else they will be denied entry to the restaurant and not be given a refund. According to the spokeswoman of Amrita named Miki Komatsu, the purpose of disallowing entry to overweight customers is due to the restaurant’s concept which aims for a Roman aesthetic. Supposedly, the naked restaurant in London allows overweight people to come into the restaurant, and other customers have complained about it being an awful experience.

    Other than that, the restaurant also does not allow entry to customers who have tattoos on their bodies. This is likely due to the fear of yakuza entering into the restaurant. Another rule that the customers have to obey is to not touch or talk to the other customers. The waiters are purportedly men with beautiful, muscular bodies who will be serving in their G-strings! In addition, there would be a dance show involving American and European male models which would delight the eyes of the patrons.

    The restaurant will be located somewhere around Tokyo but its exact location will only be disclosed by mail.

    Do share with us your experience after you have tried it out!

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