French Fry Fan? Try 8 Different Types of Fries at AND THE FRIET in Tokyo and Yokohama!

  • Despite the high-calorie content, french fries have always been and will always be a crowd favorite. With that said, have you ever ordered french fries by choosing what kind of potato they are made from? I certainly have never had the pleasure of being offered that option but at AND THE FRIET, you can choose whatever potato type you want along with their wide variation of dips.

    AND THE FRIET is a restaurant specializing in french fries with their wide variety of potatoes and dips. AND THE FRIET is based in Tokyo, and now, they are opening a limited version of their store at BIOTOP CORNER STAND, Osaka from June 17th to August 31st.

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    1. Belgian Friet
    2. The Belgian Friets use Bintje potatoes produced in the Netherlands and these potatoes are adequately sweet and delicious even after they go cold. So if you are going to take out the fries you buy, the Belgian Friets are perfect for you.

    3. Japanese Friet
    4. These potatoes are brought from Hokkaido, a prefecture that has abundant potato production. The Hokkai-kogane potatoes are perfect for friets because of the strong flavor of the potatoes themselves and their soft texture.

    5. Petit Ball Friet
    6. Matilda potatoes are used in the Petit Ball Friets and their silky, soft, yet fluffy textures are extremely addictive.

    7. Rare Friet
    8. The Rare Friets are made from Shadow Queen potatoes produced in Hokkaido. Their unique purple appearance may seem a bit alarming at first, but their purple color comes from the anthocyanin inside the potato. The substance anthocyanin is known for having antioxidant effects and is extremely good for your health.

    9. Sweet “Satsuma” Friet
    10. The Sweet “Satsuma” Friets are made from Benimasari potatoes that are extremely sweet and are more on the mushy side of the scale when it comes to texture.

    11. Crispy Potatoes
    12. These crispy potatoes are basically fries that are even thinner than the typical shoestring fries and their extremely crispy texture makes them a crowd favorite.

    13. Curly Potatoes
    14. These curly potatoes are perfect for enjoying various types of dips because of their shape and how they have a lot of surface area to cover.

    15. Hashed Cheese Friet
    16. And now for my all time favorite – hashed cheese friets! I absolutely love hash browns in all shapes and sizes and I am pretty sure I am not alone in thinking this. These hashed cheese friets use Canadian potatoes and gorgonzola cheese powder that make for the perfect snack.


    There are 10 kinds of dips available at AND THE FRIET which is basically ten more than you could find anywhere else.

    They have Homemade Mayonnaise, Triple Mixing Cheese, Black Truffle Mayonnaise, Fresh Tomato Ketchup, Tartar Sauce, Fresh Basil Mayonnaise, Sweet Chili Sour Cream, Mentaiko Cream Mayo, Anchovy Mayonnaise, and Honey Mustard.

    If you are a french fry lover like I am, I suggest visiting AND THE FRIET to find your own favorite combination of potatoes and dips.

    AND THE FRIET’s Website

    Here is the map to their Harajuku branch:

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