Try Out the Perfect Japanese Kit Kat for Summer: Okinawa Citrus!

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  • Finally my dream of having the best of both worlds combined. For those who have followed my writings on food and Japanese trends, you will know that I super love citrus. In fact, this country is full of them – from yuzu to hyuganatsu it easily satisfies my craving for citrus. I am also an avid fan of Kit Kat chocolate bars. This country alone has at least dozens of flavors, the most recent of which being mint, and even wasabi and butter. So it’s an ultimate dream when they have come up with their newest flavor of Okinawa citrus!

    citrus kitkat box

    Okinawa Citrus

    citrus kitkat fruit

    Technically the biological name of the fruit itself is citrus depressa. Despite the super sad sounding name, this fruit is anything but. It gives a burst of sourness that is hard to describe. If anyone has ever tried the calamansi fruit of the Philippines, it’s close but not quite as sweet. The fruit itself is perfectly suited to accompany the sweetness of the Kit Kat chocolate bars. In fact, it has an added bonus of being rich in flavonoids with known anti-inflammatory health benefits.

    The fruit can be found in Taiwan and locally here in Okinawa where it is known by the name “shikuwasa.” The skin itself initially is dark green and turns yellow when ripe. Because it grows especially in the summer season, Nestle has timed its release when the fruit is at its peak delivering the ultimate taste boost.

    Get Your Summer Kit Kat!

    citrus kitkat shop

    So if you’re ever in the mood for a sour, sweet with the tang of bitter chocolate, look no further than your local Kit Kat store or specialty chocolatery nearest you or even through their online shop. It will only be available for a limited amount of time, so do not miss out and make sure to get yours today. At around 432 yen for a pack of 4 bars, it is quite a bargain for a unique taste sensation that you can only get in Japan. Itadakimasu!

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