Best Places to Ski in Honshu Island

  • Although located in Asia, Japan is quite popular with its ski resort. Many people that come to Japan usually also try to play ski. Not only in Hokaido, Honshu island also has the best ski places in Japan. Ski resort in Honshu usually located in Niigata and Nagano prefecture, the areas around Japanese alps. So if you someday come to Japan and stay in the cities in Honshu island, below is the list of 3 best places to ski around there.

    1. Kagura Ski Resort

    Kagura is the perfect place for beginner, however this place attracts a lot experience skiers. Kagura is a three-in-one ski resort that merges three areas such as Kagura, Matsumata, and Tashiro. The super long gondola (Dragondola) in this ski resort is connected with other ski resort in Mt. Naeba. Kagura is easier to access from Tokyo by shinkansen.

    Ticket fare: 4700 yen / day (normal season)
    Access: By Car: 9 km from Yuzawa IC (Kanetsu expressway), 45 km from Tsukiyono IC (Kanetsu Expressway). By Train: 15km from Echigo Yuzawa Station (Joetsu Line). By Sinkansen (Bullet) train: 15 km from Echigo Yuzawa Station (Joetsu Shinkansen line)

    2. Hakkoda Ski Resort

    People said Hakkoda is a hidden gem for ski in Japan. Located in Aomori prefecture, Hakkoda is a very small ski resort compared to other ski resorts especially Kagura. But Hakkoda does boast an impressive 2146 feet (around 654 metres) of vertical descent. This place is good for intermediate skiers, but also there are some terrains that suit for beginners and experts.

    Ticket fare: 3200 yen / day (normal season)
    Access: By Car: 19 km from Aomori Chuo IC (Aomori expressway), 24 km from Aomori IC (Tohoki expressway National Route 103. By Train: 23 km from Aomori station (Aomori Tetsudousen line)

    3. Shiga Kogen Ski Resort area

    Located in Joshin-estu National Park, this place is considered as the largest ski resort area in Japan consisted of 21 ski resort . This area of ski resort is overflown by high quality snow powder which similar to the ones in Hokkaido. Shiga Kogen is good for all level of skiers and snowboarders from elementary until advanced.

    Ticket fare: 5000 yen / day
    Access: By Bus / Train: 30 minutes by bus from Yudanaka station. By Car: 25 kilometers from Shinshu Nakano Interchange