Beat the Summer Heat and Enjoy a Cold Drink While Riding Tokyo’s Tea Taxis!

  • What better way to commute than riding a taxi serving ice cold drinks this summer. This is one of the taxi services the taxi operator, Nihon Kotsu, has recently introduced to help commuters freshen up before moving to their next destination. These taxis are called Lemon Hospitality Taxis which aim to extend hospitality to passengers in Tokyo by serving Suntory’s lemon green tea, a complimentary beverage along the ride, from the month of July until August 3, 2016.


    Suntory’s Lemon Green Tea


    Suntory Holdings Limited is a long established company in Japan known for making several distilled beverages around the world. One of their products is the “Iyemon Tokucha” which is described as the first beverage made for health reasons. The tea’s flavor notes come from carefully selected Japanese tea leaves by tea blender masters. It has a sweetly fragrant aroma combined with the right amount of bitterness that goes well with food. This is something which people won’t get tired of drinking every day. Because of its health benefits, it has been chosen for Nihon Kotsu’s recent summer service while giving a lift to Tokyo passengers who want to travel around the city.

    The Service

    As already mentioned, the Lemon Hospitality Taxis are complimenting every passenger’s ride with a 500-milliliter bottle of ice cold drink. In addition to this, they will also be giving uchiwa fans, which are Japanese traditional fans popular during summer, as well as a pair of slippers to go with. These will all come in the color green including the drawstring bag where they will be tucked in.

    In line with this, the company is hoping to help people who are in a hurry and do not want to take long walks from one destination to the next. It is going to be available in all 23 wards of Tokyo which is very convenient if you’re planning to go around town without sweating. You may also choose to summon a taxi cab through the Zenkoku Taxi Haisha application which can be downloaded here.


    Nihon Kotsu has long been experimenting with different ways and technologies to meet the demands of people in the country. So if you’re heading to some place in Tokyo, hailing one of these cabs is definitely the way to go to help you relax and quench your thirst.

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