On a Budget? Shop at These Three Adorable 300-Yen Shops in Japan!

  • Japan is known for having discount shops where people can go shopping at a low budget. But besides the ever-so-popular 100-yen shops, there are 300-yen shops that are also quite famous in the place. Items being sold here have better quality and functionality than 100-yen shops. Designs are also more variable and fashionable. Wherever you’re staying in Japan, here are three shops that you can easily locate and where you can grab items worth 300 yen each.

    1. CouCou

    CouCou is a shop offering different items in pastels which follow the principle of “cuteness.” The items are very fashionable and have that European-feel yet come at an affordable price. For people who are picky with their household items, this store is definitely going to surprise them. Designs are very girly and attractive which are great for touch-ups or house furnishings.

    Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. 3Coins

    Another fashionable 300-yen shop across Japan is called “3Coins” and is popular among the Japanese teenagers owing to its trendy clothing and accessories. Household wares are also sold at the same price of 300 yen! This is actually considered an economical shop where you can purchase cute items in Japanese style. Items also come in a variety of choices which makes your visit worthwhile. It has over 150 branches across Japan and dozens in Tokyo. Sometimes, the shops offer up to 50% discount on some items so make sure to check every now and then!

    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    3. Mikazuki Momoko


    You can head to Mikazuki Momoko for another stylish 300-yen shop centered on girls’ theme. Items come in cute characters such as Sanrio and the like. They usually collaborate with other companies in selling out some merchandise in order to attract more customers. Momoko-chan is a character originally presented in the shop which comes in unique varieties of items suitable as souvenirs. The shop also sells several accessories such as earrings, ribbons, bracelets, and even household items such as shovels, sprinklers, and so on.

    Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    For items that look fashionable yet are affordable, it is recommended to visit these three 300-yen shops in Japan. Most of their items are very functional which provides great value for your money and time.

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