How to move to Japan?

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  • There are many reasons why people would want to live in Japan. From their individual interest to the country, safety factors, wanting to gain particular knowledge in subjects, and other reasons that make people want to start a new life in Japan. But to be honest, getting a residency in Japan is not an easy thing. So what matters the most in getting Japanese residency? It is more or less about the Japanese language.

    Japan is a country where most people use Japanese and are not that fluent in English. Japanese is used everywhere. All of the documents, all of the signs, all of the offices or stores use Japanese and very few have English translation. So you can imagine that the Japanese language is very essential in Japan.

    Although many Japanese companies want to recruit people who can also speak English or Chinese, most jobs still require Japanese proficiency.

    But DON’T GIVE UP because you will still be able to get a job in Japan or live in Japan without any requirements in Japanese proficiency. So what you can do if you want to live in Japan but can’t speak Japanese? There are some tips below that may be useful for you:

    1. Working as an English teacher

    Japan has been recruiting a lot of English teachers, for either schools or for English training centers. Normally they prefer to recruit native English speakers to fill such positions. Usually the recruitment of English teachers does not require Japanese proficiency. If you already live in Japan, some institutions also offer part-time jobs as an English teacher. So if you are interested, you can start to search the information about teaching english in Japan. Here is a website that may be useful for you: Gaba Teaching in Japan

    2. Get a scholarship to study in Japan

    Many international students choose Japan as a place to study, from non-degree students until degree program students. Normally students who apply to study in Japan can’t speak Japanese. But after they are accepted, the school provides them with intensive Japanese language learning course. Sometimes the classes are also delivered in English so students are not obliged to study Japanese. How to obtain a scholarship in Japan? Japan offers many scholarships, from the government, particular organizations, the schools itself, and etc. The scholarships coverage may vary, sometimes covered fully and sometimes only by 50%, depending on the type of scholarship.

    Information about scholarships in Japan can be obtained from these websites: ,, and

    Wish you the best of luck!