A Small Historic Tour in Kamakura

  • Kamakura is one of the most popular place to visit in the Kanto area in Kanagawa. Kamakura has several historic monuments because long time ago, Kamakura was the old capital of Japan. One of these is the Great Buddha, Zeniarai-Benten Shrine, and Meigetsu-In Temple. So if you visit there, you would feel long and great history of Japan. Here, I’ll introduce historic place that you should visit in Kamakura.
    First of all, Kamakura is located on Kanagawa prefecture which is next to Tokyo, so when you go to Tokyo, I also recommend to you to pass throught Kamakura.

    Great Buddha

    This Great Buddha is in Kotoku-In which is one of the most popular place in Kamakura. The Buddha is really big and when you look up him, you would feel he is always looking at you. Kamakura is an important historic place. So when you visit Kotoku-In, you have to pass by the great Buddha to feel the greatness of the long Japanese history.

    Zeniarai-Benten shrine

    This shrine is called Zeniarai-Benten. Zeniarai means “washing money”. There is one story about this shrine. Since long time ago, people have believed that if you wash your money with the water which is in the shrine, you can get more money. It’s just an old story, but there are many people who are washing their money there.

    Meigetsu-In Temple

    What a beautiful flowers! Meigetsu-In is one of the most popular temple to visit in Kamakura because of its beautiful flowers. Those flowers are called “Azisai” in Japan, and “Azisai” the blossom during the rainy season which is from May to June. Because of its beautiful “Azisais”, Meigetsu-In is also called Azisai Temple.