Fullmetal Alchemist, Shiba the Japanese “Salesdog” and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Check Out the Cast of the Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Film!

    Are you an otaku fan? Then you must be excited about the live-action film of the ever-popular Fullmetal Alchemist! Check this article for a detailed list of the cast members who are going to play as your favorite characters.


    Have you Heard of the Retired Japanese Shiba Inu ’Salesdog’ that has Fans All Over the World?

    If you are an animal lover, this article about a cute dog with its very unique talent will surely capture your interest! Read on to know what’s so one-of-a-kind with this Japanese Shiba.


    Unleash Your Inner Otaku and Check out 3 of the Best Places to Go Manga Shopping in Tokyo!

    Are you looking for a place to buy mangas in Tokyo? Or do you simply wanna check cool manga artwork? This article lists three places with wide selections of manga for all you fans out there.


    5 Glorious Ice Cream Places to Beat the Hot and Humid Summer Heat in Tokyo!

    Whether you wanna beat the heat and cool down for the summer, or you’re just really craving for ice cream, this article is perfect for you as it provides a list of 5 ice cream places to visit in Tokyo.


    Ever Heard of the Summer Gift-Giving (Ochuugen) Season in Japan? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

    Are you into giving gifts? Then you’re just in time for the summer gift-giving season in Japan known as Ochuugen! Read on to learn more about the custom and to know which gifts to give.


    Learn 10 Wacky Words Commonly Used in Anime and Comics to Express Feelings in Japanese!

    If you are interested in the Japanese language and all its quirks, then this article is perfect for you! It lists 10 unique words that the Japanese use to convey emotions. You might have already seen them in comics or heard them from anime.


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    Looking for a Summer Destination? This Beautiful Oasis Awaits You in Kochi Prefecture

    This waterfall in Kochi Prefecture proves that nature is indeed beautiful! Check this out and explore the Japanese countryside as the writer shares her short trip to Nikobuchi with her friends.


    Try These 3 ’Wafu’ Pasta Dishes and Taste Japan’s Take on Italian Cuisine

    Pasta lover? If you haven’t tried any of the Japanese-style pasta mentioned in this article, then you are definitely missing out! Check them out now!


    Experience the True Meaning of Omotenashi By Staying in a Minshuku

    If you are looking for a different kind of accommodation experience, then you should try considering lodging at a minshuku as mentioned in this article. It’s way cheaper than staying at a hotel!


    4 Hard-to-Break Habits You Might Lose While Living in Japan

    Do you have one of those hard-to-break habits? Read this article wherein the American writer shares the habits that she has lost while living in Japan. Who knows, you might (finally) get rid of them too.

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