Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to be Served by Muscular Men at a Muscle Cafe in Omotesando!

  • Fancy being in a cafe where you get to be served by a group of sexy, muscular men? Check out this upcoming Muscle Cafe Tokyo that will be opened by ALL OUT in Omotesando’s Tokyo Salon this coming July 30th. Because the tickets for their first event sold out swiftly, the team decided to add another additional date on August 27th, 2016. These muscular men will make you feel even hotter during the summer in Japan!

    Muscle Cafe Tokyo is not just a cafe where muscular men will be parading around and serving your food. There are also special services which you can request at the cafe such as the “kabedon” treatment or being carried like a princess!

    If you have not been following the trend, kabedon is the act of pinning a girl with her back facing the wall. It is one of the ways you can flirt with the girl and is more commonly seen in shojo manga or anime series but rarely in real life.

    These special options which customers can request at the cafe are known as the “omotenashi” treatments. Omotenashi is about entertaining guests with all your heart and it can be regarded as the art of selfless hospitality. It is about giving your all for the customers and not expecting anything in return. The tickets for VIP seats at the cafe are priced at 4,500 yen or 6,500 yen which includes a free drink and tickets to try out the omotenashi services.

    These days, it seems like more and more cafes with the theme of hot guys serving female customers are popping up. In the past, there were many cafes which are more catered towards guys such as hostess clubs, maid cafés, and girls’ bars. While there were also host clubs which are targeted to women, it seems like there are more different options for women right now! It is interesting to see that Japan offers various forms of cafes that appeal to either gender, so no one will feel left behind.

    ALL OUT Japan’s Website *Japanese only

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