Cola-Flavored Toothpaste?! Keep the Cavities Away with the Garigari Kun Toothpaste Available in Japan!

  • One of the hardest things to make kids do is to brush their teeth and this can be caused by a number of reasons. Kids tend to not like the flavor of regular toothpaste and even with kid-friendly ones, some kids just doesn’t take the bait. Things can be the same for adults too but with a different situation.

    If you or your kids are included in those who are not enjoying brush time due to those nasty tubes of toothpaste, well you better check out this toothpaste in Japan that will make brushing more fun and flavorful! Are you familiar with Garigari Kun? Then he’s about to help you keep the cavities away!

    Garigari Kun

    If you have been living in Japan for quite a while now, Garigari Kun is something you’ll hardly miss. Garigari Kun is the character mascot of the Garigari Kun popsicles which is available in supermarkets and convenience stores all around the country.

    Garigari Kun is a popular popsicle brand due to its affordable price, the variety of flavors it has, and not to mention, the chance of getting to win another stick if you get an “atari” or hit mark written on your stick. But we should always remember that hygiene is important and Garigari Kun is here to remind us of it with the Garigari Kun Toothpaste!

    Garigari Kun Toothpaste

    It’s kind of contradicting how a dessert brand would be involved with a hygienic item, but the Garigari Kun toothpaste by Lion has been out on the market since 2012 providing cavity protection for kids’ teeth with their soda and various-flavored toothpaste.

    Starting from July 1st, the Garigari Kun toothpaste will be having another flavor, back along with the soda one, which is the cola flavor for a limited stock only this summer. While it may be hard to have kids brush their teeth if they don’t enjoy it, the packaging shows Garigari Kun enjoying brushing his teeth so it can serve as a boost to have kids enjoy brush time.


    Here’s a video of the famous Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV trying out the Garigari Kun toothpaste!

    So if you’re having a hard time making your kids brush their teeth, you might want to try switching your old toothpaste with the Garigari Kun one? Even if it’s mainly for kids if you’re also up for it, why not brush your teeth with a Garigari Kun toothpaste after eating a Garigari Kun popsicle, too!

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