How Different are Japanese Beer Gardens From the Rest of the World?

  • Summer season is the perfect time for beer gardens in Japan. So many people drink beer while being surrounded by traditional festival lanterns that sway in the summer air. But do you know that the concept of beer gardens in Japan is way different from the rest of the world? Let’s try to see why.


    What is a Beer Garden?


    Beer gardens originated from Germany. It is an outdoor area where people can drink beer and eat food while enjoying friend’s and family’s company at shared tables. Its popularity has spread around the world and has also been enjoyed by people over time. In Japan, these are often located on the rooftops of department stores and hotels. People don’t really mind not having air-conditioners because the atmosphere is very lively. It is also a great way to watch the sun go down as it cannot be experienced indoors.

    Features of Japanese Beer Gardens


    Japanese beer gardens are often enjoyed by wearing a yukata, a traditional summer outfit in Japan. The rooftop location offers amazing views of the whole city, as well as the hustle and bustle of passersby. Other beer gardens are opened in courtyards where you get a closer view of the surrounding environment. Some are opened in traditional Japanese gardens where you get to feel the actual Japanese culture up-close. The only drawback is in times when the weather is bad which pushes most of the beer gardens to close. However, there are some which provide huge umbrellas or covers to protect yourself from the rain. Contemporary beer gardens have also been established such as summit or ship deck beer gardens. Most of them open in the mid-afternoon to late in the evening with an all-you-can-drink option at a fixed price.

    Japanese beer gardens are places which provide a classic way of enjoying the taste and charm of beer. It is best enjoyed when you go drinking with a group as it helps you forget your troubles and stresses in life which are equally refreshing!

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