Become a Cup Noodle and More at Yomiuriland’s Newest Expansion!

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  • Established in 1964, Yomiuriland is a long-running Japanese amusement park located on the hillside of Tokyo. The park is operated by Yomiuri group, the respective owner of Yomiuri Giants and Yomiuri Shimbun. While constantly overshadowed by the juggernaut that is Tokyo Disney Resort, Yomiuriland still maintains its fair share of customers mostly due to their acclaimed winter illuminations. In March of 2016, Yomiuriland opened their first park expansion, dubbing it “GUJJOBA!” which roughly translates to “Good Job Park!” The expansion includes three major indoor attractions equipped with innovative cutting-edge technology and for the first time in years, Yomiuriland managed to establish a competitive edge against its counterparts.


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    Serving as its primary unique selling point, the word “good job” takes a pivotal role in both the theme and concept of Good Job Park. Essentially whether it’s the aesthetic or the attractions, Yomiuriland’s newest expansion revolves primarily around the idea of creation. All attractions located within this area encourage customers’ creativity, imagination, and most of all, the eagerness to create things. From my personal experience, the major attractions successfully balance interactivity with thrill and excitement for the customers.

    During my trip to Good Job Park, I was constantly entertained and thrilled by the park’s overflowing uniqueness. I could not be more amazed that such displays were the result of local endeavor as opposed to Western-based parks such as Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan. Here are Good Job Parks’ obligatory attractions during your visit to Yomiuriland.

    Splash U.F.O.


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    Everybody has something they strive for – a dream. Maybe you want to be a content creator, an entertainer, or perhaps to live a simple life with your loved ones. Or maybe, just maybe, deep down inside that unique mind of yours, you have the urge to become a delicacy of ultimate convenience. Yes, I am referring to the almighty cup noodle. The good news is, Good Job Park got you covered. Jump into a bowl and experience a thrilling yet bizarre adventure of becoming one with a cup noodle.

    Splash U.F.O is an indoor river rapids ride, where the riders will become a cup noodle. The attraction puts the customers into a white water rafting course and enables them to experience what it is like to become the worldwide delicacy. The experience encompasses the entire lifecycle of a cup noodle, starting from production at a factory until someone pours a boiling hot water onto the package.

    My U.F.O. Factory


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    For those who are not well-versed in the field of Japanese cup noodles, U.F.O. is one of the leading brands in the said field. My U.F.O. Factory, which is located right next to Splash U.F.O., enables visitors to create custom-made U.F.O. noodles. Here, visitors can design their very own packaging and they can also freely choose their personal seasoning.

    Custom Garage

    Have you ever dreamt of designing your very own car and driving on an open road and whatnot? Good Job Park’s Custom Garage is basically that, sort of. This attraction is divided into two sections. The first will put the visitors into a garage, where they are able to mix and match different parts unto their kart. While the customization options are rather limited, there is still some degree of satisfaction and enjoyment in assembling a personalized kart. The second half of the attraction allows the visitors to test drive the said kart. The kart, however, is attached to a rail, thus limiting the driving option to simply accelerating or decelerating. Nevertheless, the course is vastly complicated and rather thrilling. While not as exciting as Splash U.F.O., Custom Garage is still plenty of fun nonetheless, especially if you come with the young ones.

    Spin Runway

    Spin Runway is an indoor spinning roller coaster themed entirely around fashion and catwalk. Before you plunge into nonstop twirls and drops, similar to previous attractions, Spin Runway takes the visitors throughout the process of creating an attire, starting from designating the right material to wowing everyone on the catwalk. It may sound and look innocent at first, but Spin Runway is an absolute thrill machine.

    Intrigued? Head down to Yomiuriland’s Good Job Park (*Japanese only) today and explore your creative side! It is definitely an excellent alternative to Tokyo Disney Resort (a cheaper one even) and it will surely reward you with unique experiences.

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