Experience the Japanese Elementary School at the Rokunen Yonkumi Izakaya in Tokyo and Osaka!

  • Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to go to a Japanese Elementary School? While a full-grown foreign adult may not know the experience, wearing a yellow cap on your head and a randoseru (backpack) on your back were the main points that we’ve always seen.


    What happens inside the school is something many foreigners would like to find out, and luckily, one place is offering all those with a meal! Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for as the Rokunen Yonkumi will let you experience it!

    Rokunen Yonkumi (6年4組)


    Rokunen Yonkumi, or 6th Grade Class 4, is a unique restaurant offering a classic elementary school setting which many adults will surely feel nostalgic of. Upon entering, the customers will be part of the 6th Grade Class 4 and will each put their shoes in the designated lockers.


    There are different rooms including a classroom, a teacher’s office, a library, a clinic, and a science laboratory. The main feature of course, is the various food selection that you can get to choose from. Rokunen Yonkumi is currently in collaboration with Anne Happy with some meals inspired from it.


    There are also tests you can take such as Japanese, Math, Science, and Social Studies that change depending on which day it is. Don’t forget to also take a photo of yourself wearing a randoseru for the full elementary school student experience.


    Rokunen Yonkumi currently has different branches located in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka where you can visit. But this is the only classroom where they serve alcohol, so don’t get caught by the teacher!

    Getting back to the old classroom setting is surely a nostalgic feeling. As adults, we have to face the reality of life, but sometimes, a little fun and reminiscing the moments wouldn’t hurt anyone. So if you feel like going back to being a kid, the Rokunen Yonkumi is the place to go!

    Rokunen Yonkumi’s Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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