Interested in Japanese Fashion? Get to Know 3 Popular ’90s Fashion Trends in Tokyo!

  • There are countless numbers of fashion trends in Japan which followed an ever-changing time. Many of these originally came from Tokyo which is the undisputed heart and soul of fashion of the country. Some of them became popular, while others were instantly gone. To know more about Tokyo’s ’90s fashion, here are three of the popular ones.

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    Gyaru’s first appearance in Japan is not clearly known. Some say it came out of nowhere which was both gradual and unexpected. It just so happened that many girls started sporting school girl skirts coupled with a matching brown hair. They were also seen carrying luxury bags resembling that of European style. And for this, they were suddenly called “kogyaru” in which “ko” means small or child, and “gyaru” means gal. Shibuya 109 is the most famous department store where women usually shop for this look.


    Yamanba style comes from Japan’s ganguro fashion. It is considered on the extremist side as ladies are usually seen sporting a very dark skin, colored contacts, a very white lipstick, and lots of facial stickers and accessories. Most of the time, they wear shocking bright colors with elaborate prints. Hair color is often bleached resembling that of bright fluorescent light. They also wear white concealers as eye shadows above the eyes. Their popularity lasted from late the 1990s to early 2000s. Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo were the centers of this fashion, but nowadays, you won’t really be seeing them anymore.

    Gothic Lolita

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    In the late ’90s, a fashion combination of gothic and lolita became popular. It was called GothLoli or simply Gothic Lolita. In contrary to the sweet lolita fashion, GothLoli was focused on the darker side of make-up and clothing. People following this fashion can be seen wearing very red lipstick with neatly defined dark-lined eyes and powdered white face. You can actually find several brands featuring GothLoli in Tokyo.

    These are just three of the popular fashion trends which originated in Tokyo. Several global trends and fashion subcultures can be found in the city which are quite interesting to follow.

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