Three Unusual but Amazing Things about Japan

  • Japan has its own perks and being bizarre is one of them. Visiting Japan can be like visiting Narnia, (if we talk about unique and bizarre things). But one thing you will love about the country is that in all the bizarreness some things are actually amazing.

    1. Delay Certificate

    On your first visit, you may never encounter a delayed train, since Japan’s transit system is known for being accurate. But like in any other country, Japan’s trains also come late once in a blue moon. But the cruxes are the “delay certificates” provided as proof for your employers that you being late is really due to a delayed train. As a foreigner, you will find this absolutely unusual for train attendants to distribute delay certificates. 遅延証明書 “chien shoumei sho” or “certificates of lateness” are issued by all the railway companies as a mean for the commuting employees to prove their company that they are late for a reason. Japan has strict etiquette regarding tardiness and these tickets are provided even if the delay is as short as 5 minutes. Now, as a visitor, instead of being pissed off about the delay, get a “chien shoumei sho” as a souvenir for your scrapbook!

    2. Unusual Kit Kat Flavors

    When talking about gastronomic pleasures, Kit Kat has produced countless flavors to suit various taste pallets. The strange Japanese KitKats are among the most popular souvenirs nowadays. Take for example flavors like soy sauce, baked potato, green tea or fruit parfait. These are not just delicious Japanese foods anymore, but Kit Kat flavors as well! Chocolate and milk is so last decade, these new flavors are what’s ‘in’ nowadays. Make sure to get some for your friends and family as a souvenir!

    3. Unmanned Vegetable Stands

    No one would question Japan’s low crime rate and honest people when you encounter the unmanned vegetable stands scattered all over Japanese suburbs. Who would display their goods trusting the buyers to pay honestly? The concept is simple, you choose the vegetables you want and place the money in the box provided for the payments. So if you are amazed at the number of vending machines all over Japan, you will be even more amazed at the number of unmanned stores scattered in the countryside as well.
    Do you already love the country for its beautiful sceneries? You will definitely love it for its honorable and honest people. Not many people in the world would sell their hard work in such a vulnerable way. But in Japan (especially remote areas), it is a way of life.