Miura Haruma + Takeru Sato = HaruTake: One of Japanese Entertainment One True Pairings!

  • In a certain fandom, shipping can never be avoided. Shipping, derived from the word “relationship,” is the “desire by fans for two or more people either real-life or fictional characters to be in a relationship be it in a romantic or in a friendly way.”

    Fans tend to ship a certain pairing. OTP or One True Pairing, according to Urban Dictionary, is your favorite relationship in a certain fandom. It is the couple that fans prefer over all others.

    HaruTake: A ship that still sails

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    Sato Takeru ️️さん(@sato_takeru_official)がシェアした投稿 –

    HaruTake, or Miura Haruma (三浦春馬) and Sato Takeru (佐藤 健), are best friends who have first known each other on the set of Bloody Monday Season 1. From then on, they became close friends and showed their friendship in their self-produced journey films that were taken in New York City and Sabah, Malaysia.

    HaruTake in New York City

    Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru, as seen in the film, first visited the Times Square in New York City. They also visited the Statue of Liberty and were awed.

    Haruma says, “When I looked at the goddess’ (Statue of Liberty) body closer, I noticed that it’s all square pieces of copper linked together. I thought it was cool that it was made out of all these little parts.”

    They also thought that everywhere in New York City is fantastic. Moreover, Haruma and Takeru watched Broadway shows together particularly “Blue Man” and “Billy Eliot.” They didn’t really understand what were being said but they found the plays interesting. The duo also went to an acting school and learned the ways of acting from a New Yorker point of view.

    This trip all started with them thinking about where to eat nabe (Japanese hot pot) best and they decided to try it in New York City. So HaruTake went to the farmer’s market to gather organic ingredients. They said that they were able to order even though they didn’t speak English since the vendors just gave the change.

    They also visited the Niagara Falls in Canada. They were left in awe after experiencing the waterfalls of Niagara. Haruma and Takeru also used the helicopter to tour around the falls. Both shared a room together, thus finding out each other’s way of life. Although they’re best friends, they’re very opposite! Takeru seems not too mindful when it comes to his things. He just let his things be in the open, while Haruma is a person who likes to tidy up.

    Personal thoughts on OTPs and HaruTake

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    Haruma Miura 三浦春馬さん(@haruma_miura_info)がシェアした投稿 –

    I am a fangirl myself so being exposed to One True Pairings is not something new to me. I adore HaruTake so much. I admire their friendship with one another. Some people ship pairings romantically, while some choose to ship them as brothers or sisters, or simply as best friends. It’s the relationship that matters. Although we currently might not see a sighting of HaruTake because of their busy careers, their friendship is still intact for sure.

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