10 Fun Things You Should Do During Springtime in Japan!

  • Spring is probably the best season of the year. It is the time when life is at its fullest in everything! The flowers are in bloom, birds are happily chirping, and lovers can be seen taking walks at the park. Spring is basically nature’s way of saying “let’s party!” Don’t miss out on the fun! Read on to know what you should do in Japan during springtime.

    1. Boating at Inokashira Park

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    Spring is the perfect season to catch a glimpse of the cherry trees in full bloom at Inokashira Park. The view is just breathtaking as one would notice that the pale color of the blossoms contrasts with the sky and surface of the water. It is a great park which features a big central pond with several fountains. You can also rent a paddleboat or rowboat and enjoy the serene environment.


    2. Azalea Flower Festival

    This 300-hundred-year old beautiful azalea garden is located at the historic Nezu Shrine. Visitors can enjoy looking at the flowers and check out the plant fair, antique fair, as well as other festival stalls. You could also watch taiko drumming performances and other activities during the Golden Week.


    3. Celebrate Hinamatsuri

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    Hinamatsuri is also called “Doll’s Day” or “Girl’s Day.” This is a special day in Japan which is celebrated on March of every year. This involves a set of ornamental dolls arranged on platforms covered with a red carpet. These dolls represent the emperor, empress, attendants, and musicians, all wearing traditional court dresses of the Heian period.

    4. Peony Festival

    Be mesmerized by the beautiful peonies in Japan! If you want to witness this festival, you might consider checking out the peony garden of the Toshogu Shrine in Ueno.


    5. Japanese Iris Festival


    The Iris Festival has been a notable event in Tokyo for a long time since the Edo period. You can witness many entertaining live music performances and traditional dances during this festival. The beat of the music played in the festival would definitely make you dance along with the street performers!

    6. Sakura Hanami

    Hanami (flower viewing) is a Japanese activity wherein you can enjoy the beauty of flowers, specifically cherry blossoms (sakura). This is also the perfect time to go out on a picnic with your friends and enjoy the transient view of your surroundings. Head out to Shinjuku Gyoen to experience the beauty of sakura flowers!


    7. Witness Wisteria Festival

    Wisterias are lovely lavender-colored flowers that begin blooming all at once in late April. They make the place livelier as they hang down and sway along with the wind. If you want to witness the wisteria festival, Kameido Tenjin Shrine is the best place to visit!


    8. Sanrio Flower Power

    Want to explore the Sanrio world? Check out Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, an indoor theme park that attracts 1.5 million visitors per year. Here you can enjoy joy rides, souvenir shops, the Miracle Gift Parade, and so much more!

    Sanrio Puroland’s Website

    9. Celebrate Children’s Day

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    ♡ 見頃 ♡ ・ 群馬県館林市の市役所前 桜&鯉のぼりの コラボレーションが見事 です✨✨ ♡ 今日は風が強くて冷たくて^^; ♡ でも、そのお陰で鯉のぼりも 目一杯泳いで楽しませてくれ ていました 🎏 ♡ 鯉のぼりの数は、 市内数カ所で5000匹を超え るそうです。 数年前にはギネスブックに 認定されました 🎶 ♡ 桜も満開を迎えて見頃です🌸 週末までもってくれるかな ♪ 舞い散る桜もステキですよね💜 ♡ ♡ #館林市 #こいのぼり #桜 #満開 #風強い #ギネス #コラボ #今日も普通に行きましょう💕 #哀しみで花は咲かない

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    Love kids? Celebrate Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi) in Japan! Japan actually has a special day set aside to give respect to children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness. This celebration is part of the Golden Week which usually takes place on May 5th of every year.

    10. Try the seasonal sakura-flavored offering of Starbucks Japan

    If you love Starbucks, then you should definitely try their sakura-inspired beverages. This is certainly a tasty treat with a twist that you can enjoy during the spring season!

    If you haven’t gotten enough of your spring fever, just go out of the four corners of your house and take a quick trip to the beauty that nature has to offer! The list of activities actually just goes on and on. These are just some of the basic things that most of the folks do. You can also experiment and find out other ways to enjoy spring.

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