Gather All Monster Hunter Fans! You Wouldn’t Wanna Miss the Monster Hunter Museum in Osaka!

  • Whichever generation you are from, video games have played a large part in the lives of many peopel. While some of us who have reached adulthood may have lessened our gaming times, getting back to them is still surely a nostalgic feeling.

    Here in Japan, a game called Monster Hunter is extremely popular. Not only is it popular in the country, but its fanbase has also reached outside bringing in a number of fans to the game. There are quite a few promotions being made for the long-running game and one that’s coming up soon is something fans might be all ears in.

    Monster Hunter Museum

    The popular Monster Hunter is soon to open a limited time Monster Hunter Museum in the Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan from July 16th to August 28th which will bring fans around 500 game series to be displayed at the museum.

    The museum will display the history of the game from the first Monster Hunter up to the most recent Monster Hunter Cross, including the original pictures, weapons, and also the costumes used for the PR.

    But the most anticipating part of the museum is the Monster Hunter Cross’ 4 main monsters trick vision which will be publicly exhibited for the first time. Also spread around the exhibit is the various trick vision displays of other monsters appearing in the other games. You can also take photos with these which will look like as if you’re being attacked by the monsters.

    If you’re interested, the entrance fee is 1,500 yen for the regular tickets, 1,000 yen for middle school to university students, and 500 yen for grade school students. Now Monster Hunter fans, this might be one event you wouldn’t wanna miss. Come and see a further in-depth detail of the game that you love!

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