Imaginative Japanese Baker Makes Adorable Works of Art With Delightful Surprises Beneath Their Crust!

  • Are you a pastry enthusiast? Recently, a Japanese baker based in Tokyo has been posting pictures of her beautiful creations online. This Japanese comfort food is made by using carefully pieced lengths of dyed dough to create a cylindrical loaf which is similar to “slice and bake” cookies. You should absolutely check out the resulting slices as they will take your sandwich cravings to the next level!

    The Concept


    Ran is a Japanese Tokyo baker and a loving mom to her cute son. She uses deco-sushi-making techniques in baking. Beautiful patterns and cute character designs are added into her loaves of bread. Each slice of this handmade creation has its own unique look and is intended to add warmth to the hearts of those who happen to get the chance to eat this scrumptious snack.

    Ran’s adorable son serves as her inspiration in making these pastries. His smile after seeing her creation is what motivates her to make even more designs. She even sells some of her work in some cafes in Japan. Most of her works are posted on her Instagram account (@Konel_Bread) where you can see her passion and dedication in baking.

    Here are some of her creations so far:

    1. Animals


    Does this look like a rabbit or a cat to you? Well, whatever this is, it looks absolutely wonderful and tasty to eat!


    Also, try this tasty treat with an adorable panda staring at you. This is perfect for cute and fluffy animal lovers!

    2. Cartoon Characters


    Oh, look it’s Shaun the Sheep! Now your kids can enjoy watching their favorite cartoon while chomping on this delightful snack.


    It’s everyone’s favorite Sanrio character Keroppi! His pinkish little cheeks are just too cute to eat.

    3. Cute Random Prints


    She also added leopard prints to some of her pastries!


    Slice up some loaves that look like lovely little lemons!

    4. Festive Designs


    Trick or treat! This ghostly-inspired design is the perfect choice for celebrating Halloween. This will surely add some vibe of spookiness to your celebration.


    Remember when you were a kid and you would try to stay up all night hoping to take a peek at the man who leaves you presents under your Christmas tree? Christmas won’t be complete without Santa! You can’t go wrong with these festive designs because they will instantly put a smile on your face.

    Who knew that carbs could be cute and turned into charming little cartoon characters? I wouldn’t mind gaining some weight as long as I get to eat delightful treats like these. For more updates and information, you might want to check out Ran’s Instagram!

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