Get That ‘Undead’ Glow with the Spooky Sadako and Kayako Face Masks and Look Shockingly Beautiful!

  • Fan of Japanese horror movies? Sadako from The Ring movie series and Kayako from The Grudge franchise are making headlines for their upcoming crossover film, Sadako vs. Kayako. These women are the most feared in Japanese cinema history and because they are so popular, they are now conquering your beauty regime. Get ready as they take over your face with a fresh set of moisturizing face masks!

    Product Description

    The sheets used for the masks contain hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts. These potent ingredients are solely designed for anti-aging treatment which is meant to keep your visage healthy and youthful!

    Lavender Scented Sadako Mask

    The Sadako Face Mask is lavender scented. The mask features a long stringy mass of hair covering half the face. It looks so cool and spooky at the same time. Now you can cosplay as Sadako while treating your skin!

    Rose Scented Kayako Mask

    You would certainly love using the Kayako Face Mask. This one is rose scented and features Kayako’s appearance with blood oozing from a head wound. This looks a little bit prettier than Sadako’s mask. Notice the iconic eyeliner that Kayako’s wearing?

    Price Details

    Beauty fanatics can enjoy using these facial masks for just 800 yen. This package deal already comes with two masks, one from each ghost girl variety! The good news is that these beauty masks are now available for international shipping here. The bad news, however, is that it will cost you quite a bit more as you have to shoulder the shipping fee. You can also ask a friend living in Japan to purchase one for you when they become available in Japanese drugstores and even in Japanese theaters at the same date the film hits Japan (June 18).

    Sadako vs. Kayako hit the Japanese theaters on June 18. So if you want to show your fan support for either Sadako or Kayako, grab these spooky beauty masks and get that undead glow!

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