‘Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima’: A Documentary Film Dedicated to the People of Fukushima

  • It is a fundamental human concern to nurture one’s life and to find happiness in living. The wake of the disaster in Fukushima has strengthened some positive-minded people who never lost hope in dreaming. In order to communicate their experience to the world, a documentary film has been made entitled “Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima” which shows how different lives were affected and how some people left Fukushima while others stayed and never lost their bright spirit.

    The Film’s Focus

    The film was directed by Toko Shiiki who succeeded in showing the world a documentary film on the strong-willed people of Fukushima. It consists of images, music, and interviews which are emotionally moving and inspiring. Every person conveyed different perspectives and choices in life in dealing with their personal tragic experience. And because of confusion and intense conditions, many have developed a new kind of lifestyle. Some of them faced a difficult decision whether to leave or stay in the place. Through the director, people’s whispers were finally heard in the film. Life stories intertwined with powerful music reveals the importance and essence of living.

    The Filmmaking Process

    Toko visited Tohoku for the first time in October 2011 after the tsunami. She visited Fukushima and the Tohoku area again sometime in May 2013. It is at this time wherein she got the idea of making the film for the people. She continued gathering more information until August 2013. She went back to Fukushima on November to December 2013 where she started filming the interviews. More interviews were done by Toko and her staff from April to May 2014. The casts of the film included Yoshimitsu Takuki, Masai Kazami, Ai Otsuka, Akihiro Yoshikawa, Kazuyo Abe, Megumi Endo, and Genki Endo.

    The issues in Fukushima are quite complicated as every person lives a different life with varying priorities. Since it is quite a delicate topic to talk about, the film is trying to connect people’s calmest and honest talks with live music performances for them to reveal their own life stories. You should definitely watch the film at least once.

    Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima Website

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