7 Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

  • Several years ago, there were less halal food in Japan but these days there are a lot. According to a survey of religions by Japanese government, there are 100 thousand more or less Muslim populations in Japan. Because of that few populations, less halal restaurants are in Japan unfortunately. However, now Japan is opening its door for foreign people coming. Then many people open the halal restaurants in order to make it easy that Muslim people find halal place in Japan. So that today I introduce you to some halal certificated restaurants in Tokyo area.

    Samrat Curry Plaza

    Samrat Curry Plaza is one of famous Indian curry restaurant in Japan. They started working since 1980. They open a lot in Kanto- area in Japan.

    2018 update: Samrat Curry Plaza has now closed.

    Maruishi Bldg, 12 – 12, Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Samrat website

    Hanasaka Ji-san

    Hanasaka Ji-san serves you halal shabu-shabu and halal washoku (Japanese traditional dishes) such as dried tuna soup, tempura, sashimi and of course sushi. They said that they are the only restaurant in Tokyo which serves halal Wagyu beef shabushabu, so check it out!

    Sakura Build B1F 3-22, Sakuragaoka, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Hanasaka Ji-san website

    Merah Putih Cafe

    They mainly serves Indonesian dishes. Recommended dish is Nasi-goreng without doubt.

    2-10-9, Shin-okubo Initial House, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
    Merah Putih Cafe website ※Indonesian only


    Istanbul is Turkish restaurant. Its company established in 1988. On weekend, you can watch a sexy Belly dance show around 8 pm in the restaurant. They also have restaurants in Shinjuku and Akasaka.

    Ginza corridor street, 2-7, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
    Istanbul website


    This restaurant is Indian and Pakistani style. This restaurant in Iidabashi too but Akihabara is bigger that it in Iidabashi.

    5-5-8, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
    Sultan website ※Japanese only

    Halal Bakery Cafe Liaison

    This bakery is quite new open in front of Keio University in Tokyo. This is the first halal certificated bakery in Japan. Most of its stuff are Muslim who are from Indonesia, Egyptian or Bruneian.

    2017 update: Halal Bakery Cafe Liaison has now closed.

    9-1-4 Mita, Minato, Tokyo

    MALAYCHAN satu and MALAYCHAN dua

    Both of MALAYCHAN are Malaysian ethnic cuisine in Ikebukuro area. 140 kinds of dishes are served there.

    6-22-3, Nishiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
    12-6-4, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
    Nishi-Ikebukuro Access
    Higashi-Ikebukuro Access
    MALAYCHAN website ※Japanese only

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