Chill Out and Relax at These 5 Quaint Cafes in Machida!

  • The city of Machida in Tokyo is actually the home of many classy and stylish cafes. I absolutely love going to cafes to enjoy the quiet atmosphere and coffee, and I get a lot of work done in my time spent at cafes. Here are 5 cafes in Machida that you might not have known about but should definitely check out.



    LATTE GRAPHIC is an oceania style cafe, meaning that they were founded on the ideology of the people of Australia and New Zealand where people wake up early to enjoy their breakfast and coffee. This is under the belief that if you start the day right, the rest of your day will go well, too.


    LATTE GRAPHIC is not only a coffee shop but they also serve hearty breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert menus along with their popular fresh juices. You can ask for your lattes to be decorated with latte art.


    2. Cafe Nakanoya

    This cafe has a traditional Japanese theme going on within the shop and is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a slightly Japanese version of your usual cafe order.

    Cafe Nakanoya has amazing parfaits that look slightly different from your usual parfait. They look more like cakes with ice cream than anything else, and they are extremely adorable.

    Other than their normal cafe menus, Cafe Nakanoya is famous for their udon so if you get to go there during lunch or dinner time, I highly suggest trying their udon as well.


    3. Sens Et Sens


    Sens Et Sens is a cafe run by a baker and their various types of handmade bread and sandwiches are extremely popular to the customers.


    The cakes available at Sens Et Sens are also extremely popular for their simple yet exquisite flavor.

    I can honestly say that all of their cakes and bread look absolutely delicious and are aesthetically pleasing.




    ZERO ONE CAFE is one of the first and most popular cafes to open in Machida and they are extremely popular especially with women.

    The unique thing about this cafe is that you order using iPads so you can avoid those awkward moments when you can’t get the attention of the waiter or waitress. ZERO ONE CAFE offers a wide range of menus from desserts to full meals.

    Their desserts are all made by a pastry chef and their most popular item is their macadamia nut pancake.

    ZERO ONE CAFE offers a wide variety of drinks from flavored coffee to monster milkshakes that are topped with full donuts.


    5. 6889 Cafe

    6889 Cafe is a “veggie” cafe that serves vegan food! With the trend of eating healthier getting more popular recently, trying vegan foods for lunch might be a good idea.

    This cafe is located in a quiet area in Machida that is surrounded by greenery and provides the perfect place to rest after a busy day in the city.


    If you are in the Machida area, I highly suggest visiting one of these cafes to find your own little quiet retreat.

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