Heading to Hokkaido? Check Out These Awesome Destinations for an Unforgettable Getaway!

  • Traveling to Japan in the near future? Try taking a vacation in Hokkaido! The beautiful place of Hokkaido represents Japan’s untamed wilderness with many great parks and natural wonders. This mystical place is also famous for its ubiquitous Japanese hot spring resorts (onsen). If you are planning an unforgettable escapade, here are some suggestions on what you should try while staying in Hokkaido.

    Relaxation and Sightseeng

    Visit the Pristine Water of Lake Toya


    Did you know that this lake formed due to a gigantic eruption that occurred 110,000 years ago? Lake Toya is the largest caldera lake in Japan. Visitors can enjoy a sightseeing tour cruise wherein they can witness the lake’s beauty as it changes from morning to evening.

    Lake Toya Information

    Experience Onsen


    While in Hokkaido, don’t miss out on the great onsen experience! A trip to an onsen is the perfect getaway, especially during the winter season. This will provide you with the needed warmth, relief, and relaxation against the cold winter month.

    Enjoy the View Riding the Usuzan Ropeway


    The Usuzan Ropeway is a Japanese aerial lift line in Sobetsu, Hokkaido where you can experience a wide panoramic view all to yourself during a six-minute one-way stroll.

    Usuzan Gondola’s Website

    Yummy Foods to Try

    Feast on Fresh Seafood at Donburi Yokocho


    Whenever you are in Hakodate, don’t forget to check out the Hakodate Morning Market Donburi Yokocho. This is the perfect place where you can enjoy shopping and eating with peace of mind knowing that you are using the freshest ingredients that Japan has to offer.

    Donburi Yokocho Market’s Website

    Be Mesmerized by Otaru’s 7-Layer Ice Cream!

    Otaru is famous for creating crazy ice cream designs. The most famous of all is their 7-layer ice cream with seven different flavors to enjoy! You can taste the following flavors in one ice cream cone: lavender, matcha green tea, strawberry, yubari melon, milk, grape, and chocolate.

    Enjoy a Day at the Park

    Visit the Shiroi Koibito Park

    The park offers a lot of activities both outdoors and indoors. The main attraction is their factory tours which allow visitors to see how Hokkaido’s leading confectionery is made. There is also a confectionery making workshop where visitors can enjoy making heart-shaped Shiroi Koibito. You can also see the rose garden in the park during the summer season.

    Shiroi Koibito Park’s Website

    Visit the Noboribetsu Bear Park


    At Noboritbetsu Bear Park, you can see lots of brown bears or Ezo bears. These bears are the largest animal in the land of Japan! Did you know that an adult brown bear could weigh up to 400 kilograms? The park teaches everything you can learn about brown bears and you can also learn about how the Ainu people lived at Yukara Village.

    Noboritbetsu Bear Park’s Website *automatic translation available

    Shop ‘Til You Drop

    Shop at Tanukikoji


    Tanukikoji is a shopping site in Sapporo. This is also considered as the best place for street shopping where you can find lots of shops, restaurants, cafes, karaoke bars, and night clubs. You can also buy souvenirs, Japanese food, cosmetics, tea, kimonos, and so much more!

    Tanukikoji’s Website *automatic translation available

    Check Out Different Crafts at Daiso Stores


    You can pretty much find anything at a Daiso. This basically is the largest chain of 100-yen shops in Japan. You can shop for a lot of things at an affordable price. So if you are running low on your budget, this place would be perfect for you.

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

    Museum Viewing

    Entertain Your Eyes and Ears at the Music Box Museum


    The Otaru Music Box Museum is a beautiful century-old building which is considered as one of the historic landmarks of Otaru City. This museum is full of music boxes in various sizes and types. You can also enjoy the sound of Aeolian Pipe Organs which is an antique automatic pipe organ built from England. Take a quick visit and enjoy the Renaissance style of the museum.

    Otaru Music Box Museum’s Website

    So many things to do with so little time! Your trip will surely be worth your while if you have already set plans ahead of time. Whatever you choose to try in Hokkaido, always remember that what really matters is to have fun while having the best time of your life.

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