Sumida Riverside Cherry Blossom Festival

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  • Located in the area between the Azumabashi Bridge and Sakurabashi Bridge, Sumida is known in the summer for an impressive fireworks display. Very much worth it to see in July as they have a system where everyone gets to cross the bridge for perfect views of the fireworks. However, nothing beats the view in the spring with the sakura and the riot of colors and views it offers. More than 500 trees line the river creating the perfect hanama viewing atmosphere. There are multiple varieties of blossoms including several weeping cherry trees.

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    A great place to visit during cherry blossom season with gorgeous views of Tokyo Sky Tree and the riverside lined with sakura. A close walk from the nearby metro station and also to Kapabashi (kitchen street), Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa Temple. This makes it the perfect central local for sightseeing. They even have bike rentals available throughout the city. At night the whole area is illuminated including the Tokyo Sky tree in cherry blossom colors and is quite an amazing backdrop or a great photo opportunity. There are even walking and jogging trails for the more active in spirit.

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    Sakura trees line either side of the river with perfect views of the blossoms when crossing the bridge at either side. Perfect for joggers, having picnics and for families enjoying springtime. Has ample food stalls and even a water taxi station should the metro prove to be too boring a route home providing breathtaking views along the way. During hanami season there are a myriad of food vendors and ample places to sit and relax for family and friends. Perfect for a picnic! Of note the hanami festival is dependent on the cherry blossoms blooming, so make sure to check the website for accurate bloom times.

    Nothing beats a picnic under the blossoms with good friends and sake! Of note, the best time to come would be the weekdays as the weekends are insanely packed. Easily accessed via multiple railway stations and water taxis. Happy viewing!

    Sumida river Access
    Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    Transport Asakusa Station (Toei, Tobu, Ginza lines)
    Schedule: in late Mar. 〜 in early Apr.

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