Move Over, Barbie! Japan’s Innovative Smart Dolls Are Here And They Can Do So Much More!

  • If you think that dolls are just for little girls and avid fan collectors, Danny Choo’s brilliant creation might just be the right thing to change your mind. Get hooked on the new Smart Dolls, a new line of ball-jointed dolls which include conveniently situated USB ports that can also double as a gadget holder!

    About Smart Doll

    According to their website, the Smart Doll is the new generation of fashion dolls that enhances the creativity of artists such as fashion designers and photographers. These innovative dolls project the Japanese cultural elements such as design philosophy and anime look by using traditional Japanese casting methods. They are designed by Danny Choo, the creator of “Culture Japan.”

    The Smart Doll is not only attractive but is also handy at the same time. Its torso is basically designed to hold a variety of gadgets. You can now insert a stick PC or Android to instantly turn your Smart Doll into a desktop PC or a mobile battery!

    Smart Doll Features

    Tech gurus can now install their Android OS and plug in their USBs into a Smart Doll! These dolls combine Japanese ball-jointed craftsmanship with functions like the ability to hold objects up to 700 grams (1.5 pounds), to tell time, and to charge your mobile accessories with the use of the built-in USB hubs. The USB ports are situated inside the doll protected by a soft foam cover. The top of the doll can be taken off and the insides removed and replaced. Basically, these parts are exchangeable. They can be turned into a mobile battery charging station for mobile devices or into a desktop case for smartphones.

    By default, the Female Smart Dolls come with an S-sized bust. But you can also choose from various bust sizes ranging from XS to XL. The busts can be changed simply by pulling the arms and head off and attaching the busts.

    The female line of Smart Dolls is equipped with two conveniently located USB slots with a well-crafted body. The male counterpart has a long six-pack torso that comes with an extra slot, making it a total of three USB slots.

    Price Details

    Smart Dolls are a cost-efficient and fashionable purchase. The Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll is sold for 52,000 Japanese Yen (490 US Dollars). A torso piece for a doll would cost you around 17,000 Japanese Yen (130 US Dollars). Note that other body parts, clothes, and accessories are sold separately online.

    What are you waiting for? Purchase one for yourself now! Collecting them all might be difficult but just think about the possibility of having the cutest USB hub on your desk! These Smart Dolls are a good way to enrich the lives of folks who appreciate Japanese culture and cute things, too. You can shop for Smart Doll products on their website.

    Smart Doll’s Website

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