‘DONUT’ Worry, Be Happy for Here are 5 Must-Visit Donut Shops in Tokyo!

  • Tokyo is filled with less known bakeries and pastry shops that offer some of the most delicious donuts in the country. While going to your go-to mainstream donut shop is always good, why not try stepping out of your comfort zone to visit some of the donut shops throughout Tokyo to find your new favorite type of baked dessert? Here is a list of 5 various specialty donut shops within Tokyo where you can start your search for the perfect donut.

    1. Leporo


    The unique thing about the donuts from Leporo is that they are nothing like the usual greasy, overly sweet donuts. Leporo specializes in yeast donuts that are healthier with a more sophisticated taste. You can eat the donuts in the store or buy some to take out.


    Leporo offers various flavors of donuts throughout the seasons. Some of their flavors include plain, cinnamon, soy milk, plain chocolate, caramel milk custard, coffee and white chocolate, and rum raisin and cream cheese. They also offer limited edition seasonal flavors.



    2. Kamehameha Bakery

    This bakery originated in Hawaii and its great popularity there led to its expansion to Japan. Apparently, back at the Honolulu store, they sell more than 5,000 of the poi glazed (malasada donuts). Other than their famous poi glazed, the bakery sells glazed donuts and banana bread, both of which are incredibly also popular with the customers.



    3. Yanaka Sippoya


    This absolutely adorable donut shop is modeled off of a pet store and their donuts are based on cat tails! (Not the plant but actual cat tails.)

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how absolutely adorable they are? The flavors are named after cat names and they come in various flavors such as plain, chocolate chip, chocolate with white chocolate chip, caramel cream, banana, Oreo, and many others! These donuts are a perfect gift for any of your cat-lover friends.




    LEONE DOUGHNUTS specializes in selling donuts that are baked instead of fried, making them seem more like cakes than the typical donut.


    There are constantly around ten flavors available at the shop which include plain, gateau chocolate, rum raisin, and honey and lemon. LEONE DOUGHNUTS also accepts orders for personalizing your donuts for any special occasion, and if you order in advance, you can also buy large donut cakes that you can share with multiple people.


    5. ‘OLU’OLU


    The unique thing about the donuts from ‘OLU’OLU is that they are soft and chewy (in a good way, I promise). This retro style bakery sells around 8 to 9 flavors of donuts including plain whole wheat, cream cheese, red bean paste, and black sesame. Their coffee and tea selection also match the donuts perfectly and the combination of the two is very popular.



    Donuts are the perfect baked good to cheer you up if you are down or you just want to treat yourself to something sweet. This is, of course, just the beginning of the numerous kinds of donuts available within Tokyo, much less Japan. But if you are looking for new options in terms of these ringed baked goods, why not start with these shops in Tokyo?

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