A Variety of Umbrellas at Waterfront: You definitely find your favorite one!

  • Do you use an umbrella? Of course you do! And if you are in Japan, you’ll want to find a nice one for yourself! The rainy season in Japan happens in June. Many people use a plastic umbrella because they are easy to get and also quite cheap. If it starts raining suddenly, you can buy it at the convenience store or pharmacy. There is no color or print but there are cute plastic umbrellas in 300 coins shops. But where is the umbrella mecca in Japan?

    Of course, you can buy umbrellas some place but I tell you about an umbrella shop located in Jiyu-gaoka, Tokyo, Japan called Waterfront. This shop sells only umbrellas, there are four floors. There are about 10,000 umbrellas here.

    The image of the 1st floor is library. There are many umbrellas in a wooden shelfs. For example, “poke flat” is thinness 2.5 cm, so you carry it in your bag easily. There is the design made by Japanese too.

    There is another type of umbrella, looking like a pen. This name is “penboso” that means fine-tipped pen. It is only 3.5cm in diameter.

    These umbrellas look like animals. There are pandas, frogs, bears etc. If you buy the one, it’s that goes well with the interior of the room.

    The 2nd floor is umbrellas for men. You can feel adventurous atmosphere because they look strong. There are shot umbrellas and long umbrellas. If you go to mountains, it is good to bring it for you!

    This looks gun, you can open umbrella when you pull the trigger.

    The 3rd floor is umbrellas for women. There are many different colors and design here. You can choose your favorite color and design. Some people buy it for gift to family or friends.

    This umbrella is good for windy because there are 24 frames. Normally umbrella is 8 frames, so it is 3 times more than usual. This is beautiful silhouette.

    Let’s find nice umbrellas for you!