Trash Cans in Japan, Coffee Shops and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Why Are There So Few Public Trash Cans in Japan?

    Been to Japan? Have you carried trash all over the place not knowing where to dispose it? Have you always wondered why there are only a few trash bins around public places? This article will finally tell you why!


    5 Amazing Coffee Shops to Visit in Tokyo’s ”Town of Coffee”!

    If you’re a coffee lover traveling to Tokyo soon and would like to stay away from the mainstream coffee providers such as Starbucks, you’d surely enjoy this article’s list of independent coffee shops in the “Town of Coffee.”


    5 Essential Smartphone Apps to Help You Survive Your Next Japan Trip!

    Bookmark this article now if you are planning to travel to Japan! Maximize your smartphone and download the applications listed here to make your stay in Japan more convenient.


    Hesitant to Go Full-On Camping? Here are 5 “Glampsites” in Japan instead!

    Glamorous + camping = “glamping”?! If you have always had a bit of hesitation to go full out camping, check this article for “glampsite” locations that you might have been looking for!


    Check Out the Creative Traditional Japanese Portrayal of Captain America and Iron Man!

    Are you a Captain America fan? Or perhaps you like Iron Man just a tad bit more? Either way, check this article out to see your favorite superheroes in a traditional Japanese art style illustration.


    Check out How to Make Your Nagashi-Somen Experience in Japan Even More Fun this Summer!

    Crazy for noodles? Find out in this article how you can enjoy one of the most popular summer dishes in Japan even in the comfort of your own home.


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    What to Buy in Daiso: See Which of These Summer Items Will (or Won’t) Keep You Cool!

    Summer is the time when all you want to do is keep yourself cool. Beat the heat with the Daiso items listed in this article and stay as cool as a cucumber while staying on budget.


    Fan of Takei Emi? Your Favorite Actress is Working on 2 New Dramas!

    If you’re a fan of Takei Emi, then this article will bring you good news! Read on to know more about your favorite actress’ upcoming drama projects and watch her as her career grows.


    Don’t Run From the Heat! 8 Reasons to Stay in Japan and Enjoy the Summer!

    The summer season might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this article gives you 8 activities that you can enjoy even with the very hot and humid weather. So read on and stay in Japan for the summer!


    Check Out these Tasty-Looking Masterpieces by Japanese Lego Master Tary Nobu!

    Legos are part of people’s childhoods but they aren’t just for kids’ playtime anymore. Check this article out to see delicious Lego creations by a Japanese Lego Master that will make you drool.

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