Latest Trend in Japan: The Owl Cafe

  • Best cafe ever?

    Japan always has a lot of ideas to attract the world’s attention. Not only technological, the Japanese always have fresh trends in the world of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle, and now, they have these unique cafes. Everyone may know by now that cats in the cafes complement a cup of cappuccino perfectly, but there is a new trend in the animal-coffee-shop world, the owl cafes.

    Previously, the cat cafes mushroomed in Japan and many restaurants in various countries have followed this trend, however, cat cafes are not in the news already. Right now, owl cafes are all the rage. The experience one gets in an owl cafe is truly magical, as you walk around the tiny cafe with an owl on your wrist, shoulder or head. The staff are also really professional and are always ready to snap photos of you, the entire time you are there.

    There is a cafe that serves food and drinks as the owls seat around in Tokyo. The cafe is called “Fukuro no Mise” which means “The owls’ shop” and is attracting a lot of visitors. Before you hang out around the owls, you will be asked to sit down and order a drink. Small snacks are available for free, however, everyone has to order at least one drink. Most of the drinks cost around 1000 yen.

    Here, you can enjoy a variety of owl-shaped pastries and various hot drinks like coffee and tea.

    There is an English language guide book which contains the rules such as not touching the owls without staff’s permission, or prohibition from using a camera with flash that can stress out the owls.

    Actually, there are a lot of owl cafes in Japan, Fukurou no Mise is just one of the many. The business hour of the cafe is frequently changed, so if you want to visit the owl cafe, you’d better check the official website before your visit at Fukuro-no-mise

    Interesting, right? The owl cafe trend could widespread to your country in the near future, too! Who knows?