Pizza Lover? Here are 5 Restaurants that Serve Special Pizzas in Tokyo!

  • If you are a pizza lover like me that can never get enough of pizza, this is the perfect article for you. I never had the chance to go out and about to look for new kinds of pizza places that are available in the Tokyo area, so I took it upon myself to look for special kinds of pizzas that are available in Tokyo for the sake of my pizza-loving self and my fellow pizza lovers.


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    EU SHOKUDOU sells innovative stick pizzas! By wrapping the ingredients of a normal pizza inside of the crust, the flavor of the ingredients gets locked inside, making these pizzas unique and extremely delicious. They have various flavors available such as Margherita, arrabbiata, carbonara, and even sweet flavors such as chocolate banana and cinnamon apple.


    2. Basha ni Notta Mottsurerra (Mozzarella on a Carriage)

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    This restaurant specializes in making pizza crusts that are extremely crispy. The thin dough is covered with garlic olive oil which makes the entire dish fragrant and alluring. They provide a consistent grand menu serving crowd favorite pizzas like the Margherita, and they also have a seasonal menu that has limited edition pizzas.



    ORANGE COVO offers both normal pizzas and their specialty fried pizzas. Their fried pizzas are shaped like large dumplings. Instead of baking the pizza like a usual pizza, the fried pizzas are fried in incredibly hot oil in a short time, which prevents the dough from sucking in any extra oil.


    4. Drunk Bears

    The pizza at Bears is based on the type of pizza that is served in Chicago. The thing that is super special about this pizza is that it is super thick. This pizza contains multiple layers of cheese, tomato sauce, salami, and other ingredients.


    5. Pizzeria Spontini

    Pizzeria Spontini is a famous pizza store in Milano, Italy and its first restaurant abroad is in Japan. There are two types of pizza at Spontini – the Margherita and the marinara. The pizzas at Spontini are over three centimeters thick and has a soft and chewy inside with a crispy outside giving it the perfect combination of texture.


    I hope you have the chance to visit at least one of these pizza shops in Tokyo to find your own new favorite pizza menu. I will definitely be making a visit to them frequently myself! May your days always be filled with cheesy, crusty goodness.

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