“All Aboard the Cat Bus” to Celebrate 15 Years of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo!

  • As you may already know, Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio that is globally famous for its anime feature films. The films made by Studio Ghibli have become a large part of Japanese culture starting with the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in 1984.


    In order to make the world of these popular animation films more accessible, Studio Ghibli set up the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan 15 years ago in 2001. And now, in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the museum, it has been renovated and starting on July 16th, there will be a new exhibit called, “All Aboard! The Cat Bus to the Ghibli Forest.”

    This exhibit is planned to go on until May of 2017. The renovation included a repainting of the exterior walls and organizing of the greenery surrounding the buildings. The “All Aboard! The Cat Bus to the Ghibli Forest” is an exhibit that features all of the other 14 exhibits that took place in the museum.


    In 2001, the museum started with their Spirited Away exhibit, and since then the various exhibits have featured Ghibli films such as Ponyo on the Cliff, Castle in the Sky, and My Neighbor Totoro. The newest exhibit is an attempt to bring together all of the past exhibits in one space. Many of the past exhibits are brought back to life with a new twist such as the enormous “three bears” or the rideable Cat Bus. There will be many items and images from the past exhibits available so if you missed out on seeing them the first time around, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit the amazing world of Ghibli films. We may not be able to see these various items and images come the end of this 15th-year-anniversary special exhibit, so I highly recommend visiting the Ghibli Museum if you have the chance.


    The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm every day other than Tuesdays and you will need to reserve beforehand what day and time you will be visiting the museum. There are four entrance times a day: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm and you can enter from that time to 30 minutes after each time. You can enjoy your stay at the museum starting from the time you enter until the time the museum closes regardless of your enter time.

    Again, I suggest visiting the Ghibli Museum now while they’re on their 15th anniversary. Let’s go “All Aboard! The Cat Bus to the Ghibli Forest!”

    Ghibli Museum’s Website

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