Beat the Heat ‘Monster’ this Summer with the Newly Opened Ice Monster in Osaka!

  • Last March 19th, 2016, a new Ice Monster shop opened in Osaka, so in celebration of their second shop in Japan, I thought it would be nice to introduce this amazing new type of dessert to you. So what does the Ice Monster have to offer? This is a shop that started in Taiwan and became famous for their completely unprecedented type of shaved ice. These “Sensations” were chosen as one of the best 10 sweets in the world. Not only are the Ice Monster shops popular for their, of course, new kind of sweets, but their shops are all decorated in a modern style and the chic interior attracts customers as well.

    Their “avalanche” shaped shaved ice is not a shaved cube of ice that has flavored syrup on it as traditional shaved ice does in Japan, but the dessert is actually shaved from a flavored ice block. These “sensations” come in various different flavors, some that can only be bought in Japan. Other than their staple shaved ice, the Ice Monster also sells original cakes and teas from Taiwan.

    Here are the Sensation Flavors:

    Bubble Milk Tea Sensation (1,000 yen)

    The Bubble Milk Tea Sensation is shaved from an ice block that is flavored with milk tea from Taiwan, served with ice cream.

    Mango Sensation (1,500 yen)

    This dessert is made from a mango ice block and accompanied with ice cream and mango fruits.

    Strawberry Sensation (1,400 yen)

    This sensation is also shaved from an intensely flavored strawberry ice block and accompanied by strawberries and strawberry sorbet.

    Coffee Sensation (1,200 yen)

    This sensation is an “avalanche” of shaved coffee ice blocks, chocolate chip ice cream, and coffee jello.

    Almond Sensation (1,200 yen)

    The Almond Sensation is a Japanese limited edition flavor. Along with the refreshing taste of almond shaved ice, it comes with black sesame ice cream, a fresh lychee fruit, and goji berries. This dessert is also accompanied with condensed milk and brown sugar jello.

    Melon Sensation (1,400 yen)

    Since it’s summer and melons are in season, there is a limited edition melon flavored shaved ice which is accompanied with coconut ice cream and panna cotta, topped with fresh melons.

    If you are in search for some kind of sweets to cool down in the middle of the intense summer heat of Japan, these sensations are the perfect thing to try out. You may just fall in love with the unique texture of this new kind of summer dessert that melts into a rush of flavors the second it touches your tongue.

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    Ice Monster Japan Website

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