Traveling via Narita International Airport? Here are 3 Japanese Meals You Should Try!

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  • Narita International Airport, which is also known as Tokyo Narita Airport, is the predominant airport in Japan. It serves many people coming in and out or going about the country. As a common access to travel destinations, it is also a place to find delicious meals. Here are three of the favorite meals people often eat at the airport.

    1. Washoku

    Washoku literally means “food of Japan.” It comes from the kanji characters “wa” meaning Japanese, and “shoku” meaning food or eat. It is a traditional Japanese food served collectively. It is continuously drawing a great attention around the world due to its healthy and delicious nature. One restaurant popular for serving this in the airport is Obon de Gohan. It is located on the 4th floor of Terminal 2’s Main Building. Other than washoku, they are also serving healthy and well-balanced meals and a wide selection of desserts.

    2. Yakisoba

    Yakisoba or the Japanese stir-fried noodles is well-loved by the busy and modern Japanese people. It started appearing on the Japanese streets in the early 20th century. Because of its simple nature, it is also convenient for restaurateurs. If you want to have a quick meal like this, you can go to Botejyu Express at Narita Terminal 3. It is just one of their branches which have actually started in Osaka. Its yakisoba noodles have been matured for a long period of time which makes them original. The sauce used is very comforting and offers a nostalgic feeling. You can either eat this as a main dish or as a side dish.

    3. Sushi

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    Sushi is, no doubt, the most famous Japanese dish outside Japan. It is commonly searched by tourists traveling in the country. With so many sushi restaurants in the airport, it is quite hard to choose the one which truly serves excellent sushi. One recommendation for travelers is the SUSHIDEN which is located on the 4th floor of Terminal 2’s Main Building. The prices are quite high but that’s what you would normally expect from top quality fresh fish.

    If you ever travel via Narita Airport, don’t rush to your next destination immediately. Try one of these three favorite meals to help you feel relaxed from travel exhaustion. It is also a healthy way to boost your energy for your next travel destination.

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