Fill Your Stomach With Unlimited Donuts and More at Mister Donut’s Buffet!

  • Mister Donut is an extremely famous and popular donut franchise here in Japan. Most Japanese people are familiar with the brand itself but may not be aware that Mister Donut actually originated in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1955, this brand was eventually bought by the US company Allied Lyons who was the company that ran the also very famous donut brand, Dunkin’ Donuts. So all of the Mister Donut shops in the US were turned into Dunkin’ Donuts shops except for the one remaining Mister Donut shop that is located in Illinois. The first Mister Donut shop opened in Japan in 1971 and the Japanese company Duskin has continued the franchise here in Japan, making it into an extremely popular donut chain all across Japan.

    Now the reason why I am introducing you to this company is because as of August 1st of 2016, Mister Donut is beginning a donut buffet. As a long term Mister Donut lover, I had to share this news with as many people as possible. There are approximately 1,300 Mister Donut shops all around Japan and as of now, the list of shops that are going to be offering this donut buffet have not been released yet. I think the best way to go about this is to check your nearest Mister Donut shop and see if they are going to offer the donut buffet in person. There is also no information on how long the buffet is going to continue so this may be our only chance to enjoy the donut buffet at Mister Donut.

    So How Does the Buffet Work?

    The menus that are a part of the buffet are “donuts, pies, and other menus offered in the showcase (with the exception of some items), and more than 10 drink menus including the Mister Donut blend coffee.” At this point, I believe that the “with the exception of some items” means they will exclude items that are on the more expensive side, so most of their regular menu should be available as a part of the donut buffet.

    With the wide variety of both donuts and coffee available, you will be able to get your money’s worth from this buffet! One thing to watch out for though is that the buffet only lasts for 60 minutes. For those of you who are set on getting as much out of this buffet as possible, it is going to be an intense race against the clock to see how much you can possibly eat. The price for the donut buffet is 1,200 yen for middle-schoolers and above and 700 yen for elementary school children. The buffet is free for children younger than 3 years of age. The buffet itself is completely based on reservations so make sure to make a reservation before visiting the donut buffet.

    Is It Worth It?

    I feel like one of the things that a lot of people look at when deciding whether or not to go to a buffet style restaurant or cafe is by assessing whether they can get their money’s worth. The regular donuts or items on the Mister Donut menu are usually 130 yen or 140 yen. For example, Mister Donut’s most popular menu, Pon De Ring is 108 yen and their Honey Dip donut is 129 yen.

    If you were to eat items from the regular menu, you would need to eat about 9 items in order to get your money’s worth and unless you literally haven’t eaten for the entire day or you have a stomach that is pretty much an endless pit, finishing 9 donuts in 60 minutes is probably a bit harsh. But, this is only true when you calculate the amount you need to eat through the regular menu. If there are things other than the regular items available as a part of the buffet it may be easier for you to get your money’s worth. For example, the 8 piece Donut Pop is 270 yen and the various pies are around 170 yen. You would still need to eat around 6 items but that is probably a lot easier for many people than eating 9.

    For the people who have never been to Mister Donut and are wondering what kind of things are available other than the few that I have mentioned above, here is a brief list of the items that are available at Mister Donut:

    Chocolate Fashion

    This chocolate-covered relative of the ever popular Old Fashion donut is the delicious combination of a crispy yet soft milk-flavored dough and a sweet chocolate coat.

    French Crueller

    The French Crueller features a slightly egg flavored dough coated in a honey-flavored glaze. It is extremely light to eat with a simple but addictive taste, keeping this donut one of the most popular items at Mister Donut. There are also Angel French’s that are French Cruellers sandwiching whipped cream and coated with chocolate or strawberry chocolate and powdered sugar.

    Angel Cream

    This donut is extremely fluffy and soft with its cream-based dough and the whipped cream inside is just sweet enough and melts upon contact with your tongue.

    Golden Chocolate

    The Golden Chocolate is my personal favorite and features a chocolate donut covered in “golden toppings” which are made from mixing sugar, flour, and egg yolk and dried. Their unique crunchy texture and sweetness are extremely addictive and while this donut might be a bit messy to eat, I love grabbing the little “golden toppings” that fall onto the plate and eating them at the end.

    Stick Pie Apple

    This apple pie menu features a pie base that is extremely fragrant and crispy yet soft. The apples inside are flavored with cinnamon, making this menu an extremely popular one amongst all of the customers that buy it.

    I hope you have the chance to check out the Mister Donut buffet once it starts! There are so many delicious items available at Mister Donut and the buffet offers the perfect opportunity for you to try as many of them as possible. I am personally keeping my fingers crossed that the Mister Donut near my home will start the donut buffet. Please make sure to make reservations before visiting the shops!

    Mister Donut’s Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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