Visit the Enchanting “Juniko” – The Twelve Lakes of Aomori!

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  • Have you ever traveled to the beautiful prefecture of Aomori in Japan? If you haven’t, you should try visiting a popular tourist destination called “Juniko” which is also known as the “Twelve Lakes.” It is located in Fukaura town which stands as a collective term for 33 lakes and ponds in the area. It is abundant in water and trees and is a great place for nature tripping.

    How the Pond Got Its Name

    Earthquakes are actually rare in the northern Akita, but in 1704, a huge one occurred which geographically affected the nearby Aomori Prefecture. With the crumbling of the bodies of land, some of them liquefied and formed into bodies of water. Lakes and ponds were created which then became a popular place frequented by people. The name “Twelve Lakes” actually comes from the fact that there are only 12 visible lakes you can see from the top of the nearby Mt. Okuzure. Lakes and ponds are mysteriously sharing the trait of having crystal clear waters that you can even see the depth from the top to the bottom. It looks mesmerizing! Touring all the lakes and ponds will probably take you all day even with a car.

    Aoike Lake

    Probably the most special lake of all is Aoike. It has mystical yet natural blue water. It has a depth of 29 feet where you can see withered beech trees submerged in water. It is reachable by a 15-minute hike from the visitor center. The reason for the lake’s blue color is still unknown. Some people experience a form of meditation when they start to gaze at the color which becomes deeper over time. It would also be nice if you can check out the other lakes and ponds. Each has its own way of showing off its beauty and attractiveness.

    Outdoor Activities

    A lot of walking places surround the lakes and ponds. If you want to go trekking, it would be advisable to have a volunteer trekking guide who will provide you more information on the wildlife and history of Lake Juniko. It is scheduled from April to November on a yearly basis. You have to pay 10,000 yen for a guided tour of 1 to 3 hours. For disabled people such as those using wheelchairs, you may join the tour. You can opt for a special assistance costing 5,000 yen per staff. Other outdoor activities include camping, hiking, nature sightseeing, and mountain climbing.

    Juniko is just one of the enchanting places worth a visit in Aomori. The site in its totality is simply breathtaking. It is said that the best season for viewing the place is from spring to summer time.

    Aomori Sightseeing Guide Website

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