Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 to be Released! Will It Introduce a New Hero?

  • According to FUNimation’s Gen Fukunaga, the much-awaited release of “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 is expected to happen some time this fall. Fans just can’t wait for the release of the upcoming season especially now that it is speculated that a new protagonist will emerge, Haise Sasaki!

    Studio Pierrot and Madhouse Entertainment

    The two prior seasons of the anime were created by Studio Pierrot. The first season was based on the manga, while the second one deviated from its manga source. According to reports, Madhouse Entertainment is said to take charge of the production of the anime’s third season. As for the viewers, many fans would like to go back to the manga series while others want to reboot the whole series. There are also some fans who prefer the anime to have a unique storyline.

    Sasaki is Kaneki?

    Reports claim that the final season will be based on some plots of the manga. The third season may continue to have Ken Kaneki as the main protagonist or it may introduce a new character, Haise Sasaki, to replace Kaneki as the anime’s hero.

    There are some speculations that Haise Sasaki might be Ken Kaneki’s avatar! If you would notice, the designs of Sasaki and Kaneki’s hair are quite similar except for the fact that Sasaki has a patch of black hair on top of his head.

    It is also mentioned that there could also be a possibility that Kaneki might have lost his memory as he surrenders himself to the Commission of Counter Ghoul or CCG. He then decides to adopt a new identity as Haise Sasaki. This would definitely be interesting as this would mean that the new protagonist would eventually choose to become a Ghoul Investigator!

    Are you eager to know what the show rings for season 3? The previous season of the anime series showed a different story from its manga roots. Whatever plot Madhouse Entertainment has in store for us, fans will only be able to prove these theories when the show’s third season finally arrives some time this fall.

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