“Unstylish Anime Nerd Look” – the New Fashion Trend in Japan!

  • Are you ready to learn what’s currently hot in Japanese fashion trends? While most of us would opt for a modish outfit, teenage girls in Japan are trading their cool look for one that is more comfy and low-key that is inspired by the typical “unstylish” anime nerd. Here are the basic things you should know about this trend and the items that you’ll need in order to accomplish this look.


    “Unstylish” Anime Nerd Look

    This look is said to be inspired by the character Saori Makishima from the anime series Oreimo. She is an avid fan of the otaku culture and sports the look that is popular in Japan’s fashion world which is called the “Unstylish Anime Nerd Look.”

    What You’ll Need

    This trend is a fusion of both comfort and style. The few pieces that make up this ensemble are simple and easy to find at the mall. You’ll need the following items: a checkered shirt, denim pants, sneakers, bandana, large glasses and a backpack.

    Basically, the look features a loose checkered shirt that is tucked under high-waisted denim pants. You can also secure your pants by using a funky belt to fasten it. A nice pair of sneakers would go well with this look as it adds both comfort and style to it. Groom your hair with braided pigtails and finish up with a cute bandana to accessorize. You can also wear fashion glasses and pair your outfit with an adorable backpack to make the look more convincing.


    If you are hesitant to try this outfit alone in public, why not ask your friends to dress up along with you? That way, you can go out and have fun while sporting this quirky look without feeling shy.


    Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too conscious of what other people think when it comes to your sense of style. The important thing is that you are able to have fun and express yourself in the way that you dress.

    Although this look may appear bland to those of you who are used to a more sophisticated style, there is no better way to challenge yourself to step down for a moment and be a little bit “unfashionable” for a day. There’s no harm in trying it out for some time. If the look appeals to you, then that’s good, but if it doesn’t work for you, you can always switch to another style that you want.

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