Have a Daily Slice of Healthy Cake at POMPON CAKES BLVD. in Kamakura!

  • Have you ever wished that you could eat delicious cakes every day without having to worry about your health? Well, this cake shop may be just the place you’re looking for.


    Until quite recently, there was an on-the-run cake shop that sold cakes around Kamakura on a large tricycle. The owner Reo Tatemichi was able to sell around 100 cakes an hour due to their extreme popularity. While customers had to worry about finding Tatemichi on any given day, he has finally opened a shop in Kamakura with the name of POMPON CAKES BLVD. Tatemichi’s goal is to turn the town of Kamakura into a space that is like the living room – comfortable and an area where people come together.

    When you walk into the shop, you are surrounded by the warm atmosphere of wooden furniture and decor as well as the rays of light streaming in from the large windows. If you do not see the kind of cake you were looking for within the shop windows, make sure to ask the staff because the cakes are constantly being baked and your favorite may be about to come out of the oven. Not only can you buy Tatemichi’s famous cakes there, but there is also a cafe attached where you can eat the cakes along with your favorite drink. From the cafe area, you can see the kitchen where the cakes are being made.


    The cakes at POMPON CAKES BLVD. are all made from ingredients specifically chosen by the owner who goes around the country to find the perfect ingredients for his cakes. The concept of the store is “organic and junky,” which according to Tatemichi means “cakes that you want to eat every day without you becoming unhealthy.”

    The cakes at POMPON CAKES BLVD. all look simple and will remind you of the kind of cakes that your mother would bake for you when you were little. Some of their most popular cakes are:

    1. Carrot Cake (380 yen)


    This carrot cake has the natural flavor of carrots combined with cinnamon.

    2. Chiffon Cake (290 yen)


    3. Lemon Cheese Meringue Pie (500 yen)


    The lemon cheese pie is made from a savory lemon cheese cream and whipped cream surrounded by a crispy pie base, making the perfect harmony in each bite.

    If you are in the Kamakura area and are craving a sweet yet healthy dessert, POMPON CAKES BLVD. is just the place for you!

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