Check Out the Ueno Royal Museum to See Sporadic Art Exhibitions in Tokyo!

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  • There’s a particular place in Tokyo where you can see various exhibits displayed coming from different Japanese artists. It is called Ueno Royal Museum which was opened in 1972 and immediately became a home to various planned exhibitions in the place. Collections here are temporary, thus it is best to know the schedule of events you may want to attend ahead of time.

    History of the Museum

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    Ueno Royal Museum was formerly called Japan Art Association Museum (founded in 1879). It has been established in the year 1972 consisting of a spectacular layout. It was only started after the facilities of the older museum were remodeled. From then on, the museum began holding countless planned exhibitions including international ones. Most of the time, exhibits are sporadic or they happen at irregular times and are temporary in nature. These exhibits are artistic and include different genres and art groups.

    Importance of the Museum

    The museum has been giving people the chance to see master artworks of famous artists in a beautiful building. This is a great place for those who have an appetite for learning Japanese culture and history. Exhibits include portrait, painting, calligraphy, pottery, sculpture, and the like. Most items on display are quite exquisite in nature with some of them dating back to old periods such as the Meiji Era. However, the museum is actually small with only a few items on display so you won’t really be spending that much time in the place.


    Though the museum is majorly considered a rental gallery, it holds a permanent collection of 600 Japanese contemporary prints. It is also involved in several art-related events and serves as a venue for distinguished art competitions in Japan. Some of these include the Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition and the Japanese Nature in Art Exhibition. It is continuously thriving from the support of the oldest Japanese arts organization called Japan Art Association.

    If you’re planning to visit the museum, take note of the crowd. Sometimes the queue is quite long, especially when the arts displayed come from a very famous artist. You will be needing a lot of patience and endurance if you really want to go inside. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It can be accessed by car from the Metropolitan Expressway Ueno Interchange, or by train where you have to go on foot for 3 minutes to Ueno Park.

    Ueno Royal Museum Website *Japanese only

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