Sailor Moon Fans, Check Out the New Chibiusa and Helios Figure for You to Collect!

  • Otakus just can’t get enough of the countless collector’s item popping out of the web nowadays. They would certainly go crazy with the upcoming figure of Chibiusa and Helios from Naoko Takeuchi’s famous manga and anime series Sailor Moon. This crafty figure may just be the new addition to your awesome collection.


    As the second figure installed in the Figuarts Zero chouette series, its creation would not disappoint the public. It is carefully made to display the delicate features possessed by Chibiusa and Helios in Pegasus form. As you can see, the new figure has Chibiusa wearing a pretty white dress while she gracefully cradles Pegasus’ face. There is also a silver pedestal on which the figures stand on with an inscribed caption “Chibi-Usa & Helios.” This concept is reminiscent of their meeting.

    Chibiusa Figure

    She is the crown princess of the Earth in the 30th century and is called Usagi Tsukino or Chibiusa. She is the civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Moon and she has pink hair and red eyes. She wears her hair in “odango” style to look like rabbit’s ears. She is basically the shortest Sailor Senshi.

    Helios (Pegasus Form) Figure

    This mystical being is Helios, the guardian of the Golden Crystal and the high-priest of Elysion. Here, he is shown in his Pegasus form which in he has white majestic wings on his side.

    Price, Reservation and Shipping Details

    A single figure will cost you around 6,912 Japanese Yen (66 US Dollars). Don’t forget to check out the Premium Bandai website to make your reservations. Note that shipment will start later in January 2017.

    The Sailor Moon Chibiusa and Helios figure is just the thing to show your love and support for this hit anime series. Also, don’t forget to watch the show and follow the magical adventure of Usagi Tsukino and her fellow Sailor Guardians as they search for the Silver Crystal while defeating the forces of evil.

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