Looking for a New Pastry Favorite? Check Out these 4 Eclair Shops in Tokyo!

  • Eclairs are perfect little pastries to buy given their usually affordable price range and relatively small size. The sweet cream that melts out of the crispy yet soft dough has people falling in love with them all the time. Here is a list of 4 shops where you can buy eclairs in Tokyo!

    1. Pastry Shop (Andaz Tokyo)

    The Andaz Hotel has a pastry shop on the 1st floor where you can buy eclairs. These confections are also available at the restaurants within the hotel itself. The pastry shop has an overall clean-cut look with its simple design and granite showcase. The eclairs come in six flavors and three sizes: small (200 yen), large (490 yen), and long (1,000 yen for limited flavors only). The small size is perfect for anyone who wants to try out multiple flavors and the flavors vary according to the season. The shop also has a cafe attached to it so you can enjoy a nice break and order some tea to go along with your eclair.


    2. L’ Éclair de Génie

    This eclair brand made by t pastry chef Christophe Adam is based in Paris and is now available in Japan through the Takashimaya department store. The main concept of the confections is “genius x wonderful eclairs” and the brand provides staple flavors of eclairs and limited seasonal creations.


    3. Ca ca o

    Ca ca o is a shop that specializes in providing sweets using rich chocolate and their eclairs are one of their most popular pastries. Their eclairs have two flavors: white chocolate and milk chocolate. The white and milk chocolate are each turned into chocolate cream, ganache, and chocolate bars, and are then combined to make the ultimate chocolate eclair. Ca ca o also sells chocolate tarts, soft serve ice cream, truffles, macarons, and other chocolate products that would go perfectly with the eclairs.



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    LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT specializes in chocolates known by any chocolate lover, but their eclairs are also extremely delicious, especially the chocolate flavored ones. This shop makes sure that they keep their desserts up to par by having the pastry chef from the main shop in France visit twice a year. The cream inside of these eclairs is made with a perfect consistency and there are three flavors available: chocolate, caramel, and cafe (coffee). The not too sweet, slightly bitter cream goes perfectly with the sweeter pie base and this perfect balance has people coming back for more.


    I feel like that in Japan, eclairs are considered to be the slightly more fancy equivalent of cream puffs. There is a surprisingly long history of eclairs being in Japan that supposedly started with a children’s book published in 1965. They have been assimilated into Japanese culture through their popularity in convenience stores around Japan. If you are an eclair lover and in the Tokyo area, why not try visiting these stores to find your new favorite pastry?

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