Get a Perfume Personalized Just for You at Le Labo in Daikanyama! Plus a Tokyo-Exclusive Scent?!

  • Daikanyama is a dream location full of hidden gems. From pastries to restaurants to assorted one-of-a-kind knick-knacks (or “zakka”), this city has you covered. There is nothing like strolling through alleyways looking for the next treasure that awaits. Don’t let the big stores fool you, especially the flagship Daikanyama T-Site full of greenery and books. There is something for everyone here if you look in the right places.

    For those interested in perfumes, it does not get better than Tokyo. During one of my meandering days through Daikanyama, I was lucky enough to find a fabulous store called Le Labo. French for “the lab,” this store has every scent known to man and they can even customize a scent just for you. Despite the clinical sounding name, the store itself is quite a pleasure to be in with its high ceilings, calm interior, and caring and kind staff who truly wish to serve your every need. There is even a mixologist (for lack of a better word), completely dressed up in a white lab coat encased in glass in the rear of the store, who will mix your signature scent and even engrave it with your name!

    Customer service is key. The staff knows what they are doing, even taking you outside to smell clean air to reset your smelling senses (after smelling so many samples). They even go above and beyond by putting different scents on different parts of your arm to get the best gauge of what the scent really smells like on you. Thus, the fragrance produced really is customized to you and one of a kind! Added bonus: While paying for your purchases, there is a comfy leather chair and cold drinks for you to enjoy while they mix your batch.

    For those in certain cities, there are customized fragrances that can only be found in that city. For Tokyo, it is Tokyo Gaiac 10 that is made from native Japan green wood along with a special musk blend. It is quite versatile and can be used for both genders.

    So if ever you’re in the area, do not hesitate to stop by and try some samples. You might even consider getting your own personalized perfume! Happy shopping!

    Le Labo Website

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