Wear This Pair of Jeans From Japan and Be an Irresistible Cat Magnet!

  • Cat lovers may revel in the idea of having many cats coming to them and jumping all over them. For this very reason, there are cat jeans that have been designed to attract cats to come and jump all over you.

    The one behind the idea of creating these cat jeans is a manga artist named Rinrin Yamano. She collaborated with the online retailer Fellisimo to make these “cat jeans” which is said to attract cats!

    So how do these jeans work to attract cat? Has it been infused with catnip essence which makes cats go crazy over it? It turns out that the mechanism that makes the jeans effective in attracting cats lies in the design of the jeans.

    Firstly, the jeans feature two prominent side pockets which are pleated. Supposedly, cats would love to scratch on the pleated fabric. As the fabric of the jeans is quite thick, one does not need to worry about getting injured from the scratches.

    Secondly, there are loops at the bottom of the pockets and also on the back of the jeans. The purpose of the loops is to enable one to attach a tail or other type of toys. The toys would then attract the cats to come and play with them! The tail toy attached on the back of the jeans can also make the wearer seem to possess a cat’s tail. Besides that, the hems of the jeans can also be rolled up and clasped, which then forms a loop that can be used to attach a toy of your choice.

    The jeans are priced at 7,004 yen and you can purchase them online on the Felissimo website which provides international delivery service. The jeans are available in 6 sizes and you can refer to the tables of measurement on the website. While most cats are expected to love the jeans, every cat is different so there may be some cats which will not be attracted to the jeans.

    A tail is also included in each purchase so you do not have to fuss about finding it elsewhere. For every purchase of jeans, 195 yen will go to the Felissimo Cats Foundation! So get a pair now and be a cat magnet while also helping out other cats in need!

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