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    Paying Etiquette: How to Buy and Pay for Things in Japan

    Traveling to Japan in the near future? Or perhaps you’re a foreigner living in Japan? If you are not yet aware of their paying etiquette, then this article should prove helpful to you! Know what you should do in such situations and never get caught off guard again.


    Hopeless Romantic? Here are 5 Japanese Live Action Movies That You Should Absolutely Watch!

    Love Japanese dramas and the like? This article lists five live action movies that you may not have seen yet so check them out and indulge yourself as soon as possible.


    What Makes Japanese Such a Difficult Language to Learn?

    Japanese is indeed (if not the most difficult) one of the most difficult languages to actually learn. Check this article to know what makes it such a pain in the neck to master and study.


    5 Japanese Smartphone Apps That Give You Incredible Options For Your Photos!

    Snap, snap! If you love taking photos to serve as keepsakes and would want to print them out, these smartphone applications are perfect for you! Download them to get physical copies of your memories.


    An Introduction to Exile, Japan’s Most Popular R&B Pop Band!

    In Japan, it is pretty normal to find bands having more than ten members. One of them is Exile, a 19-member pop and R&B band. Get to know more about them here!


    How Much Do You Know About the History of Christianity in Japan?

    Whether you’re a Christian yourself or not, learning never hurts. Further your knowledge about world religions with this article as it discusses the history of Christianity in Japan.


    Do You Want One of These Origami-Inspired Handbags That Are Popular In Japan?

    Sure, you’ve heard of origamis. But how about origami-inspired handbags? They are currently popular in Japan and if you want one for yourself, you might wanna check this article out.


    Plus-Size Fashion Is On the Rise in Japan: Check Out How to Get It!

    Plus-size women’s fashion has not been part of the norm in Japan until recently. Here are the shops and places where you can get cute and fashionable plus-size clothing items in Japan.


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    If You Were Wondering Where to Find the Perfect Bagel In Japan, Look No Further than OUT of STEP!

    If you find yourself craving for bagels, or if you haven’t tried one before but would like to, this article introduces a bakery in Kumamoto where you can apparently get one of the best bagels in Japan.


    Even If You Don’t Love Poetry, You Will Enjoy the Humorous Japanese Genre of Senryu!

    Familiar with haiku and tanka? How about senryu? If not, this article has everything you need to know about this Japanese poetry! (Plus a few examples, too!)

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