Don’t Let Your Old Clothes Go to Waste: How to Recycle Clothes in Japan

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  • Whether you’re doing a big cleaning to welcome the summer or getting ready to move abroad, getting rid of old clothes is not always an easy task. Here are a few and easy ways to make some space in your home and have your used clothes out of the waste.

    1. Bring your old but wearable clothes to any Uniqlo store.

    Uniqlo works with international humanitarian partners in donating used clothes to refugees, disaster survivors, and homeless people in their recycling program since 2007. So far, the donation has been shared with 53 countries and regions globally. If you have a bag of old clothes that are still wearable and in decent condition, take them to any Uniqlo store. Some of the stores have the recycle bin near the cashier and if they don’t, simply hand your used clothes to a sales assistant. The clothes must be only Uniqlo or GU brand items, and they only accept wearable clothes, so try not to include any shoes, accessories, or antique goods.

    2. Give your old clothes and take 500 yen coupon in H&M store.

    Long live fashion, the H&M campaign on clothes recycling, has started globally in the US, Asia, and European countries. For every bag of old clothes you give to H&M, you will get a 500 yen coupon to use in-store. Clothes will be sent to markets then recycled for textiles. They don’t have to be H&M brand and are accepted in any condition.

    3. Sell your old clothes or give it for free to others online.

    Facebook Groups is a good place to sell your things once you’re moving out of the city or just don’t use your clothes anymore. Usually, people would sell their house furniture since it takes time and money to throw them away, or even give them to others who would pick them up for free. Try to search for “Mottainai Japan,” “Tokyo Garage Sale,” and “Tokyo Sayonara Sale” on Facebook and request to join the group. Some group admins will need to confirm if you are currently living in Japan before accepting your request. Once you are a group member, you can share as many posts as you like to give or sell your used clothes.

    Recycling old clothes have never been that easy, right? So what are you waiting for? Go collect your old clothes and give them a new life!

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