Meet Chibatman – Japan’s Own Dark Knight

  • Batman is the greatest hero in the DC Comics universe. He rides around the city of Gotham fighting crime and bringing justice to the citizens. Sadly, Batman does not exist in real life. While in Japan, the very last thing you would expect while driving around would be to see Batman driving next to you, but if you are in Chiba, you just might. Meet Chibatman!

    It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

    Chibatman is a portmanteau (combining 2 different words) of Chiba, a big city in Japan, and Batman. Chibatman is Chiba’s local hero. He gained massive internet popularity several years ago when he was spotted driving on a highway. A high school student snapped some video and put it up on the Internet. It instantly went viral.

    Since then, he has been seen consistently. Driving around on his custom-made three-wheeled Chibatpod. I’m sure he is looking for crime, but because there is so little crime he is happy to pose for pictures with the civilians he has sworn to protect. (Although I’d love to see a video of him kicking the crap out of some punks!)

    Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

    Like any good hero, Chibatman has an origin story. While his secret identity remains a secret (other than the fact that he is a 41-year-old welder), he has stated that the reason he dawns the cowl is to bring joy to people. After the March 11th earthquake and nuclear disaster, Chibatman realized that people had forgotten how to smile. So he put on the cowl, armor, cape, built his Chibatpod and began to tour the town. If you look at the faces of the people who see Chibatman, you will see pure joy and wonderment. (I’m sure the girl in the above picture is crying with joy)

    A hero can be anyone.

    While Chibatman may not be as flashy and violent as his comic counterpart, or have the same budget of his movie counterparts, Chibatman is just as valuable to the citizens of Japan. People of Chiba, sleep well for Chibatman is out there, fighting (in his own way) for right!

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